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Savings and autonomy for the Bayon baby suv powered by LPG

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Savings and autonomy for the Bayon baby suv powered by LPG

Skyrocketing Gasoline Price? Lack of charging stations? Disappearance of diesel engines combined with compact cars? A solution to this series of problems comes from the Hyundai Bayon Gpl, a compact SUV just over four meters long (4.18 m to be precise) driven by the 1.2-liter engine combined with the LPG system produced and installed by the Italian specialist Brc.

The difference from the competition is that the system falls within the car’s 5-year or 100milakm warranty, thus saying goodbye to possible anxieties related to the reliability of the car. Proven in the charming streets that line the vineyards in Franciacorta, the Bayon is liked for the substance it puts on the plate. Without going into the merits of the aesthetics, characterized by too marked lines, the Korean SUV is appreciated for the good on-board equipment starting from the large central touch screen from which to manage the infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Space on board has also been promoted, starting with the almost 400-liter trunk despite the presence of cylinders.

The real strength comes from the road test, not so much from the guaranteed performance (but more than satisfactory overall) but in terms of management costs and autonomy. By filling up both tanks, you cover about 1,300 km and with LPG alone you spend about 40 euros to cover more than 650 km.

Moving on to prices, the price list starts at over 20 thousand euros for the XTech set-up (250 euros more than traditional petrol) and reaches 22 thousand euros for the complete XLine version, protagonist of our test. Also noteworthy is the use by novice drivers.

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