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Savings on bills? Go to the online comparator

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Savings on bills?  Go to the online comparator

The high bills and the global energy crisis have greatly influenced the spending and consumption habits of Italian families. Ameconviene.it makes its debut in the panorama of comparators, launched by Turin-based Adventure, with the aim of helping consumers find their way among the various offers and save money.
With inflation at 10 per cent and the issue of price increases always at the forefront, the challenge is to provide a fair, impartial and professional solution. In detail, the portal offers services between brands based on needs and habits and calculates the savings estimate by adapting it to lifestyles.

The starting point is the data: according to the Digital Economy Center in Rome: in 2021, 36.82 million consumers concluded a transaction on the web. «Finding your way among the dozens and dozens of tariffs, especially in this historical period, can be really complex», explains Silvana Cozza – CEO of Adventure Srl. «The consumer is often and understandably disoriented: between expense items to be interpreted and fixed costs to be compared, the parameters to be taken into consideration require an expert eye and a professional guide who suggests the right solution».

As far as supplier companies are concerned, there is an opportunity to present consumers on a single platform with concrete answers that meet their specific needs.

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