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Savings, one Italian out of two conditioned by emotion in financial choices

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Quasi one out of two Italians he lets himself be heavily conditioned by emotion in making the choices financial most important. This was revealed by the Sara Assicurazioni Observatory, according to which these compatriots of ours declare that they find it difficult to control their emotional reactions in the face of financial events and trends in their savings, thus finding themselves in many cases acting on impulse and without being able to create a clear and informed picture.

The data emerged

Reason or feeling? L’emotionality significantly influences the perceptions and behavior of Italians in terms of savings. 45% of Italians have problems managing their emotions in the financial sphere.

A condition undoubtedly related to one culture financial notoriously not excellent, but which is also affected by the complex situation we are experiencing.

It is no coincidence that for well 8 out of 10 Italians managing one’s money and savings is a real source of stress, which is exacerbated in the face of turbulent markets, as well as reduced personal resources or huge expenses.

Il barometer of emotion in this phase mainly reports feelings of concern and uncertainty (44%) and fear (16%). However, there is a good share of Italians who look to the future with more peace of mind thanks to the solidity of their economic situation (25%).

How they use savings

But what would compatriots do with their savings? If more than one out of four (27%) would not invest, preferring to keep them in the current account, there are those who say they are inclined to consider forms of investment. The most popular are medium-long term ones, from pension funds (23%) to life insurance policies in their dual declination of savings and accumulation policies (20%) and policies that protect the family from unexpected events that can put assets at risk (17%). A further 17% of Italians look with interest at real estate.

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Be a 39% would do by itself, the majority (57%) would rely on a specialized consultant, so as to limit the emotional factor as much as possible and find the most suitable solution for his objectives and his availability.

Expert commentary

“Our research shows that, among those who say they are inclined to consider investment options, the most felt need is capital protection (31%), followed by returns over a medium-long term (18%) – he declares Emiliano De Salazar, Life Director of Sara Vita – The insurance solutions allow you to achieve your savings goals by meeting this dual need and at the same time offering flexibility and in many cases advantageous taxation. In this direction, we have also recently updated our “Libero Domani” pension plan to make increasingly personalized and effective solutions available to our customers.”

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