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Scalable Capital: Up to €2500 switching bonus for portfolio transfer!

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Scalable Capital: Up to €2500 switching bonus for portfolio transfer!

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There Online Broker Scalable Capital* allows you to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, crypto and derivatives. In addition, with Scalable Capital you can also pay into ETF and stock savings plans free of charge. The minimum rate is only 1.00 euros. You can choose from three membership models: the Free Brokerdem Prime Broker and the Prime Plus Broker. With the paid Prime and Prime Plus broker you get some advantages that the free broker does not offer. Since the costs at Scalable Capital are generally manageable (and more than fair), the free broker is sufficient for most hobby investors.

Scalable Capital offer: Up to 2500 euros switching bonus for portfolio transfer

If you think about it, to switch to Scalable Capital*, now is the right time for it. The online broker is currently offering one Switching bonus of up to 2500.00 euros. And the best thing is: Even if you already use Scalable Capital, you can secure the bonus. The only requirement is that you have one Depot transfer or the transfer of parts of a securities account with a total transfer volume at least 10,000.00 euros to Scalable Capital*. Depending on the total volume, you will then receive a bonus of a maximum of 2500.00 euros. The campaign is still ongoing up to and including September 30, 2023.

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This way you can secure up to 2500 euros in a switching bonus at Scalable Capital

We have summarized what you should pay attention to in order to receive the bonus in three simple steps:

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1. Open a portfolio with Scalable Capital

If you haven’t already, you’ll need one Depot bei Scalable Capital*. You can find out more about this here:

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Memory: The promotion applies to both new and existing customers.

2. Carry out the securities account transfer to the Scalable Broker

New customers create one after successfully opening a depot Depot transfer or that Transfer of parts of a securities account with a total of at least 10,000.00 euros in securities transfer volume to the scalable broker*. The same applies to existing customers who also have to transfer at least 10,000.00 euros from another depot to Scalable Capital in order to be entitled to the bonus. Important: The portfolio transfer must be made in the app or on the Scalable Capital website.

3. Wait

Die The bonus will not be awarded until the promotional period ends on September 30, 2023 at the earliest within one calendar month paid out, it says in the conditions of participation. The payment of the switching bonus requires that you are still a customer of the Scalable Broker at this point.

Further important information about Scalable Capital’s switching bonus

Die Premium for the portfolio transfer* is paid out regardless of the membership model. Both Prime and Free members are eligible. How high the premium ultimately is depends on the total volume of the securitiesthat have been transferred. However, the bonus can be paid per person maximum 2500.00 euros be. In addition, every customer can do the same You can only take part in Scalable Capital’s switching bonus campaign a maximum of once*.

Depending on the securities volume: This is how high the switching bonus actually is

The switching bonus for the portfolio transfer to Scalable Capital ranges from 25.00 euros for the minimum value of 10,000.00 euros up to 2500.00 euros for deposit transfers from 1,000,000.00 euros. The broker offers the following bonuses as part of the campaign:

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25.00 euros switching bonus from 10,000.00 euros Total volume of securities transfers 50.00 euros switching bonus from 20,000.00 euros Total volume of securities transfers 125.00 euros switching bonus from 50,000.00 euros Total volume of securities transfers 250.00 euros switching bonus from 100,000.00 euros Total volume of securities transfers 1250.00 euros switching bonus from 500,000.00 euros Total volume of securities transfers 2500.00 euros switching bonus from 1,000,000.00 euros Total volume of securities transfers

This means that you must already have a fairly substantial deposit in order to really benefit from the promotion. Nevertheless, the portfolio transfer can be worthwhile – especially because many other brokers cannot keep up with Scalable Capital’s conditions. It’s best to compare all the conditions of your current portfolio with the various conditions of Scalable Capital to decide whether a change is an option for you.

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