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Scarpa, green innovation drives revenues to 169 million: 26% growth in ’22

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Scarpa, green innovation drives revenues to 169 million: 26% growth in ’22

Sport Outdoor, the Scarpa mountain footwear brand grows by 26%

The shoe brand Scarpa archives a 2022 with all the trimmings with a turnover up to 169 million eurosscoring a growth at +26% compared to the 134 million turnover of the previous year. Profitability is also advancing hand in hand, with lebitda at 21.5 million euros against 18.8 in 2021 and an incidence that stands at 12.7% of turnover. The 6 million investment in innovation and the green launch of Life Re-Shoes are paying for the brand.

As it reports Pambianco news, President Sandro Parisotto said: “These numbers make us particularly satisfied and confirm the expansion trend observed in recent years, which has led Scarpa to double its revenues over seven years. In 2018 we gave a managerial turn at the company, appointing as managing director Diego Bolzonello, a leading figure able to accompany the company towards a new appropriate organizational structure to support the ongoing growth”.

Given the excellent result, however, Parisotto calls back to considerable difficulties that any brand that produces manufactured goods – with the ambition of growing on the market – is experiencing, starting from the outbreak of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the consequences of which have spilled over on the commodity market accentuating the gravity of the energy crisis.

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“Now we are ready to look ahead, aware of the complexities that the market will have to face in the coming years: i problems in the supply of raw materials and the difficulties associated with production capacity and logistics are still a heavy legacy of the pandemic for the whole sector, but in this context we intend to continue with our strategy based on some pillarsthe fundamentals like the quality, performance, product durability, innovation”explained the president of Scarpa.

Scarpa, investments in innovation and green pay off

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