Home Business Schlein also brings Zan back to life: “The right is ruining the lives of many”

Schlein also brings Zan back to life: “The right is ruining the lives of many”

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Schlein also brings Zan back to life: “The right is ruining the lives of many”

Sometimes they come back: Alessandro Zan together with Schlein in Milan

Yesterday it was the big one catwalk of the LBGT-TQIA+ worldvery up-to-date and correct diction due to the meritorious commitment of Giovanni Sallusti on Libero, who challenged the government for having forced the Prefect who forced the Mayor (at the Fiera dell’Est…) not to transcribe the adoptions of same-parent families in the municipal register.

Catwalk otherwise predictable after the victory of Elly Schlein lesbian and bisexual who had made this theme of diversity his forte. So we witnessed the usual multicolored pantomime in a cheerful atmosphere enlivened by a beautiful sunny day. Schlein spoke in the square taking full advantage of the occasion and taking possession of the microphone, with her helmet blowing in the wind she declared:

We are already moving and Alessandro Zan is also here to carry forward the expectations that have emerged from the square also in parliament. That is to be able to see the right of same-parent couples recognized by law, with a provision prepared and written together with the associations, the rainbow families and the Lenford network. We will be by their side as in the square also in parliament”.

And then again: “We must convince this government that discrimination has never led to the advancement of society, because the safest society is the most inclusive one, which does not discriminate, which leaves no one behind. It is that society that realizes that those who govern the country have cruelly attacked these boys and girls, but they are children like everyone else and they already go to our schools, they are growing up in our communities”.

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At that point a shiver ran among the Italians. The ghost of Alessandro Zen had materialized again, that is to say the homosexual parliamentarian of the Democratic Party who in the running of the legislature had churned out a very fearsome Bill entitled: “Measures for the prevention and contrast of discrimination and violence for reasons based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability”.

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