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Schlein under attack after the administrative knockout: Pd towards a split?

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Schlein under attack after the administrative knockout: Pd towards a split?

Pd upside down after the technical knockout in the administrative offices, the dem should not only think about LGBTQ+ rights but also about concrete issues such as work and pensions. The comment

Do the math, after the blow in the partial local elections of 28 and 29 May and the subsequent embarrassment to the EU where the MEPs of the Democratic Party do not follow the line of the secretary and on the law in support of the production of pro-Ukraine ammunition they vote in three different ways ( 10 in favour, 4 abstentions, one vote against), one could say that Elly Schleinif not cooked, is on hot coals. And only three months have passed since his election as leader of the Democratic Party. There blow to the administration can be considered a “local matter”.

However, the national political message is clear: there is division in the party, there is dissatisfaction in the electorate. Another speech on the EU vote where the line of the new leader on Ukraine had been clear: “The Democratic Party has two firm points: we have no doubts about full support for Ukraine with any means necessary for defence, just as we are in favor of advancing a common European defence”.

Then, reality, with a part of its own MEPs who have turned their backs on itlitmus test of a tense situation – on this node where the motto is “less weapons and more peace” and on other nodes such as illegal immigration, territorial security, maintenance of social order – within the Democratic Party, in its leadership groups, between members and voters.

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The climate within the Democratic Party was already overheated after the beating of the vote in the municipalities, especially in the absence of a careful political analysis, with the secretary who had entrusted her judgment to a short message on Instagram: “To those who think it’s over, I say that we have only begun: change is not a gala dinner, it’s uncomfortable. We have a long job ahead of us.”

Open up heaven! Schlein citava Mao Tse-Tung: “Change is not a gala dinner. The revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence with which one class overthrows another”. In summary: it is not a gala dinner but an act of violence. And this says a lot about Schlein who draws on the thought of the dictator Chinese, makes it his own and, in fact, mentions it to relaunch the Democratic Party. Other than Gramsci: “Every revolutionary movement is romantic by definition. Educate yourselves, because we will need all our intelligence. Fret, because we’re going to need all our enthusiasm. Get organized, because we will need all of our strength”.

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