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Secure a premium of 75 euros at Comdirect: This is how the deal works

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Secure a premium of 75 euros at Comdirect: This is how the deal works

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There are many reasons for one Depot at Comdirect* speak – and now another one is added. Comdirect is currently rewarding new customers with one Bonus of 75.00 euros. What do you have to do for it and is it worth it? Here you will find the most important information about the campaign!

75 euros bonus for opening a custody account with Comdirect

To secure the grant from Comdirect, all you have to do is the following conditions fulfill:

  1. depot opening: Open until September 28, 2023 Depot at Comdirect*.
  2. Trades: Leads within the first 30 days after the successful depot opening at least three trades (including execution of savings plans; Eurex, CFD trading and new share issues do not count).
  3. new customers: As a new customer, who counts in the last six months before depot opening not already a Comdirect customer war.

When will you receive the premium from Comdirect?

As soon as you have opened your account and executed the three trades, you have qualified for the bonus. The credit will be made 40 days after opening the account. Thus, the premium should no later than the beginning of November 2023 be received by you. The 75.00 euros will be credited to your clearing account.

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Another incentive: Secure three years of free custody account management with Comdirect

However, Comdirect does not only lure with the premium. New customers also benefit from more attractive conditions. So waived Comdirect in den first three years after the depot opening on the Custody fees. And the best thing is: after three years custody account management remains free of chargeif you at least two trades per quarter acts, a Checking account at Comdirect leads or regularly pays into a securities savings plan (at least one execution per quarter).

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Costs: How high are the fees at Comdirect?

There are now numerous providers of depots, all of which have very different and sometimes confusing price models. Also Comdirect prices may seem unclear at first glance, which is why we present one here Overview of the most important possible costs for depot, savings plan and Co. have created for you:

depot managementAccount management is free of charge for the first three years
After three years 1.95 euros per month
But: from two trades per quarter, with a Comdirect current account or with a securities savings plan (at least one execution per quarter) still free of charge even after three years
savings plan feesFree for the first twelve months
Thereafter 1.5 percent of the order volume per transaction and securities identification number (shares, ETF, certificates)
Up to 100 percent discount on front-end load (funds)
Order moneyEUR 3.90 basic fee in the first twelve months
After that 4.90 euros basic fee
Order provision 0.25 Prozent des Ordervolumens (minimum 9.90 Euro; maximum 59.90 Euro)

Savings plan and depot at Comdirect – is it worth it?

The bonus of 75.00 euros can Depot opening at Comdirect* make it quite attractive. Then they come discounted conditions in the first three years. However, it should be mentioned at this point that savings plans from other providers are partly completely free of charge, while the fees for this at Comdirect amount to 3.90 euros (for all orders from 1000.00 euros). However, there are also 150 free ETF savings plans from a savings rate of EUR 25.00. In addition, the Account management free of charge – at least if you regularly pay into your savings plan or carry out trades. Since many providers of free savings plans charge an extra fee for maintaining the custody account, Comdirect is neither much more expensive nor much cheaper than the competition. In this respect, it can be worthwhile to open a depot with the Comdirect, to secure the bonus and the special conditions*.

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