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Sella Group: for 5 thousand smart working banks up to 13 days

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Sella Group: for 5 thousand smart working banks up to 13 days

A new trade union agreement on smart working arrives in the Sella group that exceeds the 10-day per month ceiling, provided for by the credit protocol that entered into the latest national collective agreement of Abi bankers. For the 5 thousand bankers of the group it was in fact agreed that agile work could cover 13 average monthly days on an annual basis which could be extended up to a maximum of 15 average monthly days on an annual basis for fragile categories, family caregivers and employees with residence or domicile far from the place of work.

According to what the group explains, the agreement reached with Fabi, First Cisl, Fisac ​​Cgil and Uilca, “favors the transition to the new hybrid work model and the balancing of productivity objectives with different personal needs, drawing the maximum benefit from alternation between working in the presence and in smart working “. The recipients are all 5 thousand employees of the companies of the Sella group who will be able to join smart working on a voluntary basis, by signing a specific individual agreement between the company and the worker. With the agreement, the group underlines, “smart working is introduced as a working model in the post-emergency phase”.

In addition to the agreement on smart working, the Company Supplementary Agreements were also renewed, where, among other things, the expansion of the system of parental leave and assistance to the family was envisaged. Furthermore, for the first time, a paid leave day was introduced for carrying out voluntary activities in favor of organizations and associations.

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