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Several media reports – René Benko files for bankruptcy as an entrepreneur – News

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Several media reports – René Benko files for bankruptcy as an entrepreneur – News

As an entrepreneur, René Benko has submitted his own application to the Innsbruck Regional Court to open insolvency proceedings. The Tyrolean real estate investor may also be facing personal bankruptcy. There is a legal difference here, but in practice probably less so because Benko, as a sole proprietor, is liable with all of his assets.

“Kronen Zeitung” and “Standard” had previously reported online about Benko’s submission of an application. The judge is expected to decide in the coming days on the application of the entrepreneur who founded the real estate and trading group Signa, said the spokeswoman for the Innsbruck regional court.

Reports that Benko had filed for so-called personal bankruptcy were incorrect, she emphasized. The legal representation of the Republic of Austria had previously filed an application for insolvency against 46-year-old Benko at the regional court. Among other things, this involved a subsidy that Benko had announced for the insolvent holding company of the Signa Group, which had not yet been fully paid.

A so-called “insolvency opening meeting” took place in mid-February. Benko was not required to be present at the closed hearing in his hometown in February and, unsurprisingly, did not appear.

Legend: The Tyrolean investor Benko had built an empire with many prestigious properties over the years and was long considered one of the richest Austrians. Keystone/MARCEL KUSCH

The situation and the financial situation should be discussed in the meeting. The APA agency had been told in advance that the Benko side would in any case make a confession of assets. On the one hand, the application should be based, among other things, on the fact that the Tyrolean investor had not fully met his obligation to make a deposit of 3 million euros in the holding company’s restructuring process. And on the other hand, that there are open financial claims against him.

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An earlier version of the article said that Benko had filed for personal bankruptcy. This turned out to be incorrect and has been adjusted.

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