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Shanghai auto companies’ production plummeted 75% in April, Tesla’s exports returned to zero |

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Shanghai auto companies’ production plummeted 75% in April, Tesla’s exports returned to zero |

[Epoch Times, May 11, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xia Song reported) The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers today (11th) announced the April auto production and sales data. Affected by the epidemic, auto production and sales in April were 1.205 million and 1.181 million, down 46.2% and 47.1% from March, and 46.1% and 47.6% from the same period last year (year-on-year). Both the month-on-month and the year-on-year sales showed a rapid decline, and the decline was almost halved.

From January to April, Continental’s automobile production and sales reached 7.690 million and 7.691 million respectively, down 10.5% and 12.1% from the same period last year.

The China Passenger Car Market Information Association said production by major car companies in Shanghai plunged 75% in April from March. Nationwide, passenger vehicle sales fell to 1.04 million units in April, with production falling even more to 969,000 units, down 41.1% year-on-year and 46.8% compared to the previous month. Among them, the hardest-hit carmakers are Tesla, Volkswagen and Nissan Motor.

The CCP’s extreme “clearing” epidemic prevention policy did not clear the epidemic, but it cleared Tesla’s exports in April. Due to the two shutdowns in Shanghai, Tesla was in a delivery woes, and sales in April plummeted 97.7% from March.

CNN reported on May 11 that the CCP’s strict zero-clearing policy has caused serious economic losses. Auto sales fell by a record in April, with Tesla the hardest-hit and costliest car company.

CNN reported that Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory produced 10,757 vehicles in April and 55,462 in March, a plunge of 81%. Sales were just 1,512 in April, and more than 65,000 were sold in March, down 97.7% and plunging 94% from a year earlier.

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Generally speaking, the first month of each quarter is dominated by Tesla’s export business. However, the closure of Shanghai caused logistics to stop. Tesla’s exports in April returned to zero. In the previous March, 60 vehicles were exported. .

Last year, Tesla exported 484,130 vehicles in Shanghai, nearly half of the company’s 936,000 global deliveries.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the 11th that although Tesla’s Shanghai plant resumed work on April 19 after a 22-day shutdown, it was still struggling to get the production line back to full operation. According to people familiar with the matter, Tesla on the 10th cut its daily production again to less than 200 vehicles because of the interruption of the supply of some key parts. Tesla hopes to increase production capacity to pre-lockdown levels of 2,600 vehicles a day in mid-May as more workers are lifted.

Toyota’s 8th plant suspends production for 6 days, SAIC, GM and Volkswagen halve sales

The chain reaction caused by the closure of Shanghai has already extended to foreign countries. Toyota, a major Japanese automaker, has had a supply chain disruption due to the closure of Shanghai, making it difficult to dispatch spare parts.

Japan’s Kyodo News reported that Toyota announced on May 10 that it will suspend production for 2 to 6 days at 8 factories in Japan from May 16 to 21, affecting 30,000 vehicles. Production. Toyota originally planned to produce a total of 750,000 vehicles globally in May, but it has now been revised down to 700,000 vehicles due to factors such as the temporary shutdown of factories.

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Other car companies are not having a good time. According to a report from the Central News Agency, the closure of the city in Shanghai has caused SAIC-GM and SAIC-Volkswagen sales to continue to decline sharply, with a drop of more than 50%.

Nissan Motor said on May 9 that auto sales in China fell 46% in April from a year earlier, also due to lockdown measures in key regions, The Wall Street Journal reported. Honda said its car sales in China fell 36% in April due to the outbreak and parts shortages. Honda’s joint-venture plant in China shut down for about a week in April, and although it resumed operations, it still faces a shortage of some auto parts.

Not only Tesla, but also automakers that rely heavily on component suppliers in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region are having a hard time. The production industries of NIO Group, Xpeng Motors and Li Auto have been severely hit. The three companies’ April vehicle deliveries fell between 42% and 62% from the previous month.

Although Weibo has filtered netizens’ comments, some messages have survived. Some netizens said, “Don’t talk about cars, now there are no variable-speed bicycle vendors to sell, and the supply chain has problems due to the epidemic.” Some netizens mocked, “As expected! All walks of life are not good, except for the new crown epidemic. Virus testing related companies.”

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