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Shanghai Hosts Successful 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Promoting Industry Growth and Innovation

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2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai Promotes Development of AI Industry

Shanghai is set to host the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference from July 6th to 8th, which has already generated remarkable buzz and anticipation among industry professionals worldwide. The conference is expected to bring together more than 1,400 guests, over 400 exhibitors, and cover an extensive exhibition area exceeding 50,000 square meters. With 133 themed forums scheduled, the conference aims to break records with over 177,000 offline visitors.

The event has already made significant strides in connecting various upstream and downstream enterprises, resulting in a staggering 11 billion yuan in intentional purchases and the signing of 32 major industrial projects with a total investment of 28.8 billion yuan. The “four major functions” of strengthening global resource allocation, technological innovation strategy, leading high-end industries, and opening hub portals were strengthened during the 3rd plenary session of the 12th Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, setting the stage for Shanghai’s future development in artificial intelligence.

The application scenarios for artificial intelligence in various fields continue to expand at an accelerated pace. The artificial intelligence industry in China has reached a scale of 500 billion yuan, with more than 4,300 enterprises operating within the sector. Notable innovations, such as smart chips and development frameworks, have emerged while the integration of artificial intelligence within areas such as personal life, enterprise operations, and production processes has become more prevalent.

The artificial intelligence industry cluster in Shanghai has become increasingly robust, encompassing crucial entities like smart chip and sensors manufacturers, software and hardware collaboration technology firms, and intelligent robot and networked vehicle producers. With the rapid development of industry leaders and unicorn companies, Shanghai’s artificial intelligence industry is moving towards becoming globally recognized.

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The conference showcased numerous cutting-edge products and solutions. One notable innovation was an intelligent lower limb rehabilitation robot, which aids patients with lower limb movement disorders during early functional training. This product has already been successfully incorporated into various rehabilitation centers across China. Additionally, the conference exhibited self-driving vehicles that have received road test permits, marking significant progress in the development of intelligent connected vehicles within the Pudong New Area.

China’s artificial intelligence industry has witnessed substantial growth in recent years. The integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing has led to the establishment of over 2,500 digital workshops and smart factories, stimulating the digital, intelligent, and green transformation of the real economy. To further fuel the growth of the intelligent industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on strengthening policy guidance, consolidating the industrial foundation, expanding application scenarios, improving the ecological system, and deepening international cooperation.

The conference also shed light on the importance of computing power in the era of artificial intelligence. With an estimated scale of 4.4 trillion yuan by 2025, the core industry of computing power will play a pivotal role in empowering various industries and driving technological innovation. Shanghai Unicom, in collaboration with industry partners, unveiled plans to build an autonomous and controllable computing power network that integrates cloud, network, computing, security, data, and usage. This shared computing power industry chain aims to address challenges such as uneven distribution and scarcity of computing power, facilitating the digital transformation of numerous industries.

The conference facilitated extensive exchanges among industry professionals, researchers, and scholars. Key areas of focus included smart chips, scientific intelligence, robots, autonomous driving, rule of law, security, and artificial intelligence governance. Experts emphasized the significance of system innovation, open-source collaboration, and the utilization of robust computing power in supporting the high-quality development of artificial intelligence.

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China’s rapid increase in computing power, with a speed double the global average, has positioned the country as a significant player in the field. To capitalize on this advantage, experts recommended utilizing the Dongfeng Intelligent Computing Center to empower independent computing enterprises and foster their rapid and sustainable growth. Furthermore, the impact of computing power on energy consumption and the environment will also require attention as the world works towards achieving the “dual carbon” goal.

The 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai serves as a significant platform for the global artificial intelligence community to exchange ideas, showcase innovative products, and foster collaboration for the continued development of the industry. As the application of artificial intelligence expands, it is clear that Shanghai is leading the way in promoting the healthy and sustainable growth of this transformative technology.

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