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Shock poll, beating for the secretary of the Pd Schlein. Merciless numbers

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Shock poll, beating for the secretary of the Pd Schlein.  Merciless numbers

Trust in Meloni is growing again. Survey

60.9% of Italians have no doubts: the outcome of the last administrative elections was a hard political defeat for a centre-left “far from the feeling of the Italian people even on a cultural and ideal level”. This is what emerges from the weekly survey carried out by Termometro Politico between 30 May and 1 June 2023.

The defeat of the centre-left has already opened some reflections on Elly Schlein’s leadership: for 66.1% of the interviewees, the Pd secretary “it is confirmed inconsistent and without strong ideas beyond the patina again”. A further 10% who said they were happy with his election now say they were disappointed with Schlein that he would be “absent” and “not heard” enough.

54.9% of Italians are convinced that in the end the Mes – arriving in the classroom in about a month – will be approved by the majority. Among these the 23.8% say they are satisfied with the thing while 31.1% are disappointed.

The recent tensions in Kosovo have once again made headlines. For 27.3% these can aggravate the situation of the war in Ukraine and bring it closer to a world war, for 30.1% the escalation will take place regardless of what happens in Kosovo. Only 15.5% believe that a direct involvement of our soldiers in a war in Kosovo is more probable than in Ukraine, while 17.9% reduce the tensions in Kosovo to simple skirmishes without de facto consequences.

The confidence of Italians is growing again Giorgia Meloni: now stands at 44.1%. The voting intentions recorded by Termometro Politico see Fdi down to 29.4%. The Pd is stable at 19.3% while the M5S rises to 16.2%. The League remains at 9.3%, Forza Italia advances at 7.6% and Action loses 0.3% and slips to 3.8%. Italia viva grabs +Europe at 2.5%, followed by Verdi/Left at 2.4 and Italexit at 2.3%.

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