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Shot and killed thief at night, 73-year-old innkeeper acquitted on appeal: interview

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Shot and killed thief at night, 73-year-old innkeeper acquitted on appeal: interview

Restaurateur Mario Cattaneo who killed a thief during a robbery was acquitted. We heard it

For the prosecution there had been an excess. But she didn’t end up that way. After ballistic tests and various types of proceedings, Mario Cattaneo was also acquitted in the appeal trial, the 73-year-old innkeeper from the Lodi area who killed, with a rifle shot, on 10 March 2017 a thief who had broken into his restaurant-tobacconist on the lower floor of the house at night. The prosecution had requested a three-year sentence for negligent excess of self-defense, the civil party asked for compensation of 300,000 euros for the relatives of the victim, a 28-year-old Romanian boy. In the second degree, the appeal sentence says that “the fact does not constitute a crime”. Even in the first degree, the elderly innkeeper was acquitted for not having committed the crime. Still shaken, we heard from him Italian Business

How does he feel?

And well, thank goodness it went well, after seven years it was very tough here. It’s a situation… yesterday they really massacred me

Oh yes!? Explain to us better

During the process, it was tough. Unfortunately, you can imagine, because they were seven years of ordeal, seven years of tensions, of thoughts, always, never finished, never finished.

I understand

The problem is that you are faced with a nightmare and it is a nightmare because you never see the end. I also had to write a book to make some money, but…

How much will he have spent all these years to defend himself?

Well, I can’t even tell you this stuff, the figure, because it’s so absurd… it’s unbelievable.

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An order of magnitude, to make readers understand?

I can’t really talk about it, sorry

Some say that justice is like this: only by experiencing it firsthand can you understand how it works. Is it true, in your opinion?

It’s really true. I did not think. You have to be in there, experience these things here, to understand what you feel… otherwise people don’t understand it at all. You fall into the hands, in the clutches, in quotation marks, of these people here and they never let go of you. Yes, they never give up on you.

In his case, however, the story evolved with an acquittal, because it is not even a given that the reason, if one has it, will be able to prove it. How are you feeling now?

How do I feel? I have yet to realize what happened. I have to go back to trying to live a normal life, start over. Here, these things here, because when you live with this anxiety for seven years, when you think about it for a moment, you have to realize that you are back to normal, that you are living a normal life, without those bad thoughts anymore, without… Here. Let’s see how it goes now. It’ll take a few days now. Between last night and today, a flood of phone calls came in and you always, always have to go back to the matter in your mind. I just want to put a stop to it and not think about anything anymore.

Then I ask you the last thing. Knowing today the evolution that has taken place, the trials, all these past years, the media story, if you could go back what would you do now?

What would I do? These things here are things that you don’t choose to do, they happen to you between your head and your neck. And in certain situations the instinct takes over and guides you to react in a certain way. I can’t say: “Damn, someone comes in front of me during the day and starts beating me up and I react to defend myself.” But at night, when you wake up with a start, you are alarmed by the noises, you are unable to connect to what you are doing. Instinct leads you to react in a certain way, it guides you and you don’t even realize what you’re doing. So, we are always there. You have to experience these situations, live them, to understand their drama.

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What do you hope for?

I hope to stay calm and get on the right path, without encountering any more obstacles. And let it be over.

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