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Silvestri, victory has many fathers, only one son: how many mistakes

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Silvestri, victory has many fathers, only one son: how many mistakes

Rachele Silvestri case, how many communication errors

Everyone knows the name, has arrived on the editorial desks for some time now. “But is it really him?” the parliamentary reporters ask. “Of course it’s him, but woe to divulge his identity, retaliation would be unimaginable”. The story of the deputy Rachele Silvestri forced to undergo a DNA test by default to confirm the paternity of the child lends itself to different levels of reading.

On the one hand there is the confirmation that Brothers of Italy has left the role of the struggle party and is now an integral part of the establishment. From the times of the scandalous relationship between Palmiro Togliatti and Nilde Iotti, passing through the blameless Silvio Berlusconi (best wishes for a speedy recovery!) and arriving at the photos of Matteo Salvini and Elisa Isoardi, power has always been measured between the sheets. Without gossip you are nobody in politics. And Meloni is quickly learning what it means to be a leader of the first party in Italy.

But there’s more. What could be classified as a very trivial story of horns – because no one has denied the liason – turns into an information short circuit. Who would ever undergo a DNA test to deny a rumor? It is obvious that the honorable Silvestri knew very well what the paternity of his son was. But it has lent itself to a spectacularization of its private life which demonstrates, once again, how Brothers of Italy have a communication problem. And if, on the other hand, he really had doubts, why not confine the test to the private sphere, perhaps going to take it in Swiss to avoid further clamor?

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The silence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who has never backed down on any topic, demonstrates her annoyance and perhaps even her opposition to the management of a story that has been mounted for no real reason. Yesterday the Minister of Agriculture, as well as Prime Minister Meloni’s brother-in-law, Francesco Lollobrigidaat the Camera thundered: “I want to see who is the first to write the name.” A suicide. More than a (not so veiled) threat it seems an admission of responsibility for the clumsy management, from the communicative point of view, of the affair. Brothers of Italy should go to Forza Italia, a party that has made the ability to do “storytelling” his stylistic hallmark.

“Great is the confusion under heaven” diceva Mao Tse Tung. And in fact we are overturning the perspective that the mouse gave birth to a mountain. A lot of noise for a story that needed to be handled more gracefully and with less spotlight. But this too is a lesson that must be learned and that the prime minister (notoriously “nerd”) will have already put into her baggage of experience.

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