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Sino-German Automobile Industry Cooperation: A Model for Win-Win Results in ‘Two-Way Rush’

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Sino-German Automobile Industry Cooperates for Win-Win Results in “Two-Way Rush”

The 2023 Sino-German Automobile Conference with the theme of “Leading, Innovation and Transcendence” was recently held in Changchun, China. Government officials from China and Germany, as well as representatives from the automotive industry and academia, gathered to discuss the transformation and development of the global automotive industry and new opportunities for Sino-German automotive industry cooperation.

Participants at the conference highlighted that cooperation in the automobile industry serves as a model and benchmark for Sino-German economic collaboration. As the global automobile industry undergoes a rapid transformation, the two countries’ automobile industries are strengthening their cooperation to achieve win-win results and provide robust support for the development of the global automotive industry. This “two-way rush” aligns with the common interests of both China and Germany.

During the conference, Ge Ruohai, Minister of the German Embassy in China, emphasized Germany’s commitment to actively developing cooperation with the Chinese automobile industry. He expressed hope for joint efforts to overcome future challenges and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results in terms of economy and technology.

A notable project discussed during the conference is the Changchun Test Center of Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. With a planned investment of over 30 billion yuan, it represents one of the largest new energy vehicle projects invested by Germany in China in recent years. Helmut Stettner, the company’s CEO, expressed his belief that by 2026, the number of new energy vehicles in the luxury model segment will surpass that of traditional fuel vehicles. To capitalize on this opportunity, the company has formulated strategic guidelines and implemented a clear electrification strategy in China.

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Christian Conrad, chief business development manager of Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing, attended the conference with the aim of establishing connections with leading new energy vehicle companies like BYD. He expressed his commitment to future cooperation and communication with such companies.

The conference served as a platform for German automobile testing companies like Bernd Kautl to establish business contacts with relevant Chinese companies and learn from China’s experiences in the new energy vehicle industry. Kautl expressed his satisfaction with the conference and stated that it would not be his last attendance.

China’s importance as an important production base and sales market related to future development was highlighted by German car companies at the Munich Auto Show. They recognize China as a trustworthy partner. Several Sino-German new energy vehicle cooperation projects have been implemented this year, including investments by the German Bosch Group and Volkswagen in R&D and manufacturing bases in China.

Obermu, Chairman of the Board of Management of the German Volkswagen Group, emphasized the importance of win-win partnerships during the Munich Auto Show. He noted that past cooperation with Chinese car companies has been mutually beneficial and expressed his belief that future cooperation will follow the same pattern.

Oliver Zipzer, chairman of the German BMW Group, has actively expanded cooperation areas with Chinese partners in recent years. He stressed the significance of working together for desired results, stating that no company can achieve success alone in the automotive field. Cooperation is vital, and BMW will continue to choose collaboration over going it alone.

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Kallenius, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Germany’s Mercedes-Benz Group AG, praised China as an excellent example of market opening. He highlighted that China’s reform and opening-up policy has been mutually beneficial for over 40 years.

The 2023 Sino-German Automobile Conference showcased the strong relationship and cooperation between China and Germany in the automobile industry. This partnership not only benefits both countries but also serves as a driving force for the global automotive industry’s development.

(Note: Participating reporters for this article are Miao Peiyuan, Wang Xiaolin, Zhang Jian, Wang Fansi, Xiaoshuai, Kang Yi, Huang Yan, Shan Weiyi, Zhu Sheng, and Li Chao from Xinhua News Agency, Beijing.)

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