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“Slovakia will move politically closer to Hungary”

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“Slovakia will move politically closer to Hungary”

How is it that significant parts of Slovakia’s electorate are so pro-Russia?
This is also due to history. There have always been strong pro-Russia currents in Slovakia. The big Slavic brother was seen by many as a natural ally in the pursuit of national self-determination, for example when under Habsburg or Hungarian dominance. Furthermore, there is a resonance space in the form of “alternative media” in which Russian disinformation policy finds echoes.

Slovakia stopped supplying arms to Ukraine last year. Pellegrini urged caution so that Slovakia would not be drawn into the war.
Fico made a clear announcement during the election campaign that the government he led no longer wanted to supply weapons directly from the armed forces to Ukraine. But Slovakia has a traditionally strong defense industry and the government is interested in this sector receiving orders. The Slovakian government has therefore also stated that it wants to remain loyal to the contract and fulfill agreed delivery commitments from industry. Slovak companies will continue to be able to export military equipment to Ukraine. By the way, Slovakia’s economy is dominated by the automotive industry. The country has the highest per capita car production in the world. That’s why it obviously makes sense to consolidate other industrial pillars – and the arms industry is an obvious choice. For example, the Zuzana howitzer is being built in Slovakia, and is also being delivered to Ukraine on behalf of Norway, Denmark and Germany. The Slovak mine clearing robot Božena is also in use in Ukraine.

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Do you see Slovakia as a risk for the EU?
I can imagine that Slovakia, together with Hungary, will symbolically block declarations at EU level here and there and in some areas verbally speak out against the pro-European parties or governments in the EU. You have to watch this closely, keep up the conversation and make it clear when it comes to difficult questions how important it is that Slovakia doesn’t back down. Despite pithy statements about preserving national sovereignty, I believe that Slovakia will act as pragmatically and flexibly as possible within the European Union.

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