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Smart, concept #5 anticipates the off-road evolution of the brand

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Smart, concept #5 anticipates the off-road evolution of the brand

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Smart evolves, anticipating with the new 5# a model destined to change the current paradigm of the brand jointly owned by Gelly and Mercedes: from pure city car to outdoor car. After the public debut at the Beijing Motor Show which will open its doors on April 25th, what is currently a Concept introduces aesthetic and also functional solutions of a different Smart.

Compact dimensions and new style

A compact SUV that seems to focus more on clean and sharp lines, at least on the sides and at the front. Behind you can see an unprecedented LED bar typical of many battery-powered cars on the market today, while on the roof there is an X-shaped detail which suggests the use of a series of accessories dedicated to the new use or to improve on-board capacity of the new model coming soon.

A car oriented more towards the outdoors

The first information suggests the vocation of the model which will arrive on the market by the end of the year. And that is the potential that looks not only at road travel, but at off-road even if not extreme with all the dynamics of both equipment and handling that derive from it, starting from the choice of seats with supports with truly unusual shapes.

New on-board instrumentation

Among the possible hypotheses is also a new on-board instrumentation that better supports the driving dynamics of the car compared to what has been seen so far. It will then be interesting to find out more about both the batteries and engines available. It is not yet clear whether the car will also be offered in a Brabus version. More will be known at the Beijing Auto Show.

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