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Smart working, ready the draft on agile work in the PA: new meeting on 22 September

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Public administration workers interested in agile work will have to make a written agreement that provides for the duration of the agreement, the procedures for carrying out the service outside the usual office “with an indication of the days of work to be carried out on site and those to be performed remotely “. This can be read in the draft of the Aran to the trade unions according to which the withdrawal procedures, the operability, contactability and inoperability ranges, the rest times and the methods of exercising the control power of the employer. The next meeting will be on 22.

The individual agreement for agile work between the administration and the worker obviously engaged in activities that can be carried out remotely must contain “the methods of exercising the managerial power and control of the employer on the performance rendered by the worker outside the administration premises in the compliance with article 4 of the Workers’ Statute “on audiovisual systems (remote control exclusively for organizational and production needs, for work safety and for the protection of company assets and subject to collective agreement).

The new draft confirms the three time slots provided for work performance (operability, contactability and inoperability, the latter in which the worker cannot provide any service). In the days of agile work it is not possible to do overtime, travel or disadvantaged work. For unexpected service needs, the worker can be called back to the office but the communication must arrive at least the day before the necessary presence on site. To accompany the path of introduction and consolidation of agile work “specific training activities will be provided” which will have to pursue the objective of training staff in the use of communication platforms and other tools provided to operate in an agile mode. The administration will also have to disseminate organizational models that strengthen autonomous work, empowerment, decision-making delegation, collaboration and information sharing ».

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