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SmilePlus Revolutionizes Oral Health Care with Digital Toothbrush Innovation

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SmilePlus Revolutionizes Oral Health Care with Digital Toothbrush Innovation

Title: SmilePlus Introduces Revolutionary “Digital Toothbrush” F10 PRO to Combat Tooth Decay

Subtitle: Chinese brand leads the way in oral health innovation with AI and data-driven technology

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Tooth decay is a prevalent dental issue that affects people of all ages, and its prevalence among adults in China is alarming. According to the recent “Fourth National Oral Health Epidemiological Survey Report,” adults aged 35-44 have a staggering tooth decay rate of 89%, which jumps to 98% for individuals aged 65-74. In contrast, the tooth decay rate for 15-year-old adolescents stands at less than 45%. These statistics highlight the urgent need for innovative solutions to combat tooth decay and improve oral health.

Recognizing the widespread problem, Liu Ming, co-founder of usmile, believes that there is still significant room for innovation in the toothbrush industry. Despite the availability of numerous products, consumers continue to struggle with oral hygiene. In response, usmile’s SmilePlus has invested three years of research and development to create the F10 PRO, the world‘s first “digital toothbrush.”

The F10 PRO aims to revolutionize oral health management with its technology based on data and artificial intelligence models. While foreign brands have long dominated the electric toothbrush market in China, SmilePlus chose to take a different path, focusing on self-research and innovation rather than blindly following trends.

Through extensive research and development efforts, SmilePlus has built a solid foundation that includes laboratories dedicated to testing and evaluation, intelligent hardware, and raw materials. The company’s R&D team now comprises more than 40% of the overall workforce, with a cumulative investment of over 500 million. Their efforts have resulted in over 500 technology patents, two of which have become industry standards for electric toothbrush and toothpaste product development.

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SmilePlus’s commitment to innovation has paid off, as the brand has overtaken foreign giants Philips and Oral-B in domestic sales. According to the China Oral Cleaning and Care Products Industry Association’s “Oral Care Industry Briefing from January to August 2023,” usmile is now the leading brand, with online retail sales accounting for 28.1%, followed by Philips with 20.7% and Oral-B with 9.7%.

With the upcoming release of the F10 PRO, usmile SmilePlus aims to address not only the cleaning power and convenience of traditional toothbrushes but also the evolving needs of users at different stages of life. By adopting a “digital toothbrush” approach, SmilePlus aims to shift from “teaching people to brush their teeth well” to “helping people brush their teeth well.”

The F10 PRO features an interactive front screen that guides users to select the most suitable mode from options like “smart mode,” “cleaning mode,” “brightening mode,” and “care mode.” The back screen measures and displays plaque removal progress, an essential aspect of effective oral hygiene. By analyzing data from 100,000 dental plaque samples, the F10 PRO’s evaluation system predicts plaque formation and evaluates the efficiency of brushing.

Developing a reliable algorithm to accurately analyze oral movements and recognize brushing patterns presented a challenge for SmilePlus. However, the team persevered, recognizing the importance of precision in oral healthcare. By utilizing digital technology and collecting real-time brushing data, the F10 PRO’s sensors record and analyze brushing movements, presenting the user with an intuitive percentage-based progress indicator.

As the industry continues to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in oral care, SmilePlus emphasizes the significance of digitalization and data-driven evaluation. The F10 PRO delivers precise and effective brushing through its algorithmic capabilities, surpassing the limitations of AI-based toothbrushes. Wang Yiheng, SmilePlus’s product director, highlights the team’s devotion to medical analysis and clinical experiments, underlining the effectiveness of numbers in problem-solving.

SmilePlus plans to launch the F10 PRO as a breakthrough product in 2023, transforming the way people approach oral hygiene. By empowering users to brush their teeth effectively based on individual habits, the F10 PRO represents a significant step forward in oral healthcare innovation.

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With tooth decay rates soaring among adults, the introduction of SmilePlus’s digital toothbrush may hold the key to better oral health for individuals of all ages. By combining technology, data, and innovation, usmile SmilePlus sets a new standard in the toothbrush industry, demonstrating its commitment to improving global oral hygiene.

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