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Soccer, Dazn promises Giorgetti “more investments to avoid disservices” and asks for help against piracy

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Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and undersecretary Anna Ascani received the leaders of Dazn this morning at the Mise. Consumer protection and the fight against piracy are at the center of the discussion.

Tim, studying the renegotiation of the contract with Dazn

The ministry, reads a note, underlined the utmost attention and vigilance on the critical issues that emerged in these first months. In particular, the need was confirmed not to change the current rules, to strengthen the customer center with the aim of being more attentive to the needs of customers with less familiarity with technological tools and the continuation of investments in networks and technology to avoid disservices. to users.

Dazn reverses in the wake of user protests and announces that “in respect of those who use sharing correctly and with the aim of protecting the interest of our subscribers, no changes will be introduced in the current season”. This is what the company explains in a note, cutting its position on stopping simultaneous viewing on two devices with a single subscription.

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On the other hand, despite the fact that the company has reported having observed “since the beginning of the Serie A football championship a considerable increase in incorrect behavior that cannot be ignored”, the risks would have been enormous. Starting with the half million subscribers who could have left Dazn according to the “Boom Video Streaming” research by Sensemakers, a digital marketing consultancy company, which also states that 30% of Dazn users in the 18-34 range were just the ability to share an account, the lever to activate the subscription.

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Dazn, Doxa surveys: eight out of ten spectators dissatisfied with the service

In short, the scenario that lay ahead for the App – which despite 7 exclusive Serie A matches a week did not manage to exceed the threshold of two million subscribers – was certainly not rosy. Also because the group’s accounts, after the maxi investment for Serie A, are anything but in balance: just to cover the cost of the rights (paid 840 million euros a year, ed.) 2.8 million subscribers would be needed. an average cost of 25 euros per month (hoping that no one cancels the subscription in the months without a championship, ed). But even 2.8 million subscribers, all the living costs for the production and broadcasting of the events would not be enough. And if almost half a million subscribers were to pull the plug, things would get even more complicated.

Dazn: “Over two million Italians are connected, one in 5 watches football on their phone”

gabriele de stefani

«We hope – continues Dazn – that the attention raised by the rumors circulated, will lead to a serious and concrete reflection on the subject of contractual abuses and piracy, aspects that concern the whole world of OTTs and not only Dazn. Our commitment will continue to be constant and, as always, we are ready to work together with institutions, authorities and with all parties involved and interested. We will deepen this discourse during the meeting on Tuesday 16 November with Minister Giorgetti during which we will also illustrate the proposals for the reshaping and expansion of our offers with the aim of putting consumers at the center “.

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Therefore, the Minister of Economic Development is satisfied, expressing “deep satisfaction” for the decisions of the Dazn leaders on the affair of the accesses: “The moral suasion has borne its fruits”.

Football on TV: Dazn, another complicated Sunday

Daniele Cavalla

Furthermore, Dazn was asked for greater attention and clarity in information to consumers. On the part of the Mise, a commitment was expressed, also on behalf of the entire government, to strengthen the instruments against piracy

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