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Some Hangzhou players have asked for leave at home to clear the sheep raising and slaughtering plan of “The Sheep”-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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Some Hangzhou players have asked for leave at home to clear the sheep raising and slaughtering plan of “The Sheep”-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

“I played until 3:00 in the morning, and I couldn’t get up for work this morning.” “From 6:00 in the morning to now, when I look at my phone, it’s been 3 hours, and I haven’t passed the second level.” “My friend said that he used to One night I played until 4 am, and the next day I directly asked the company for leave, just to pass the second level.” … In the past two days, a WeChat elimination game called “Sheep and Sheep” has almost “occupied” The circle of friends of Hangzhou people.

Not only WeChat, but also Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other popular social platforms, there are “this sheep” everywhere. In order to successfully pass the level, some players continued to challenge more than 1,200 times and still did not give up; even some addicted college students skipped classes in order to successfully pass the second level.

What is the “magic” of this small game that allows office workers to take time off work to break through at home? How did “The Sheep Get a Sheep”, which has been frequently searched on the entire Internet, suddenly exploded?

How popular is this game?

Some Hangzhou players asked for leave to clear customs at home

Xiao Qiao, a girl from Hangzhou, is deeply touched by how popular the little game “Sheep is a Sheep” has been in the past two days. “I haven’t even downloaded the “Glory of Kings” and “Peace Elite” that my peers love to play.” Previously, Xiao Qiao, who claimed to be a game idiot, has been distressed that he has no common topic with his friends who love to play games. However, until recently after playing “Sheep and Sheep”, Xiao Qiao felt that she was no longer a “transparent person” in WeChat group chats.

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“In the past two days, everyone’s chat topic is “Sheep and Sheep”. Every day, they are not sharing game links or asking about customs clearance tutorials.” Because his occupation is sales, Xiao Qiao has nearly 4,500 WeChat friends. In the past two nights, before going to bed, Xiao Qiao found that he had pulled down the Moments nearly 20 times, and the content he saw was basically this sheep, “I am so addicted to people who don’t like playing games, one who commutes to work on the subway. Many hours are spent playing games.”

“Almost every day, friends ask each other in the group, whether they have passed the second level. There are also those who are completely ‘top’. From 10 o’clock the night before to 4 a.m. the next day, the class is not in good spirits, and directly Ask for leave to continue customs clearance at home.” The “Sheep and a Sheep”, which made Xiao Qiao and her friends so high, has recently made a splash on the entire Internet. Since September 13, its WeChat index has exploded, and the daily search volume has increased by 6022.98%. On September 14th, “Sheep Liao A Sheep” was on 8 hot searches, related entries including but not limited to #陳進sheep How Difficult#, #Sheep Liao a Sheep 3rd Level#, #CardbugPass# Wait.

Because of the sudden explosion of “Sheep, A Sheep”, which has 8 hot searches in one day and 3 downtimes in two days, it also released a recruitment message on September 14, “Urgently recruiting back-end server development, recommendation and self-recommendation 5,000 yuan will be rewarded for entry.”

The first plan: easy to get started and difficult to pass

What kind of game is “Sheep and Sheep”, which makes the whole people “top”? In fact, if you have played it once, you will know that its gameplay is not complicated.

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There is no need to download, you can directly enter the applet “Sheep and Sheep” by searching for the name on WeChat. It is a small elimination game. Similar to the national game Lianliankan, players only need to select an icon on the game interface to the card slot below. When three identical icons are collected in the card slot below, it can be successfully eliminated. However, players need to pay attention that the number of card slots is only 7. Once the number of card slots is exceeded, the game will end directly.

Many players reported that, as the first level of the tutorial level, they could pass it with their eyes closed. However, at the second level, the difficulty is equivalent to a steep increase from 1+1 in kindergarten to calculus in college. In the introduction of its applet, the official said that “The Sheep” is a super difficult elimination game with a clearance rate of less than 0.1%.

According to the game’s homepage data, as of 4:00 a.m. on September 15, 16.94 million people had played the game that day, and 8,511 people had cleared the game, accounting for 0.05%. It is known that 11.93 million people will register for the college entrance examination in my country in 2022, and Tsinghua University and Peking University will admit a total of 6,601 people. From the perspective of probability, it is even more difficult to pass the “Sheep A Sheep” than to enter Tsinghua University and Peking University.

The second plan: the desire to win and lose to stimulate addiction

In addition, in order to better stimulate players’ “desire to win”, the game also has a “province PK” link. After entering the applet, players can see the ranking of each province. For example, yesterday afternoon, the “Shanghai Sheep Team” temporarily ranked first in the game with 12,134 sheep. This also aroused the “regional comparison” of players in other provinces. For example, Zhejiang players who dropped to fifth expressed their dissatisfaction on social platforms, shouting “Zhejiang players must strive for success”.

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The third plan: Resurrection after watching the advertisement

However, it is a game after all. In order to attract more players, “Sheep for a Sheep” has prepared a resurrection opportunity and three resurrection props for players “intimately”. But no matter which item it is, players must either watch the 30-second advertisement or share it with friends to finally get the chance to resurrect.

Is it really as difficult to pass as Xiao Qiao and other players on the Internet say? At noon yesterday, I also “admired” and experienced it several times.

In the process of playing 8 times, the first level was “silky” every time. But at the second level, the difficulty increased sharply. In order to pass the level successfully, basically every time, I will use one resurrection chance and three resurrection props. The “price” is that it is either to share the game link with WeChat friends, or to honestly watch the 30-second advertisement. I saw the advertisements played in “The Sheep and the Sheep”, which roughly fall into these categories, one is a stock recommendation app, the other is a role-playing mini-program game, and the other is a traffic card recommendation from a communication company.

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