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Sony and Honda, the alliance for electric cars and the mobility of the future gets underway

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Sony and Honda, the alliance for electric cars and the mobility of the future gets underway

Sony Honda Mobility, the all-Japanese partnership is taking very quickly with the aim of entering the landscape of high value-added electric cars. Sony and Honda have defined in detail the composition of managers of the joint venture, also confirming the plans for the next few years and releasing further information on the next steps that are planned for the alliance that was announced on March 4th, but which will now really enter into I live

Honda’s know-how, but also Sony’s experience

The new company will put together on the one hand Honda’s know-how on all strategic aspects such as safety, efficient engines, car production and even after-sales management, to which Sony’s experience in non-commercial fields will be added. only in the image, but also in the increasingly crucial sensor sector and again in the telecommunications sector, not to mention the entertainment area of ​​Sony which has a great value today.

The headquarters of the new joint venture will be Tokyo

Sony Honda Mobility will start its operations by the end of 2022, while the sale of electric cars and the provision of mobility services will begin in 2025. The joint venture has chosen Tokyo as its headquarters and has a capital of approximately 10 billion yen 71 million euros, with an investment equally divided between Sony and Honda. The goal of the joint venture is not only to revolutionize mobility, but to create new value.

Revolutionizing mobility and creating value

After the statements of last March attributed to the two CEOs of Sony and Honda, it is up to the management of the joint venture to comment on the start of work. Here are the words of Yasuhide Mizuno the CEO. “The goal of the joint venture is to revolutionize mobility and create new value. We will use our technological knowledge of both companies to be able to create more engaging services and products “.

A new safe but also emotional mobility

The statements by President Izumi Kawanishi follow. “Sony and Honda will not only join efforts to evolve the concept of mobility that the two brands have in mind. But we want to lead the revolution in this sector by also focusing on two central times which are safety and also emotions “. The appointment at this point at the end of 2022 when the joint venture activity will go live.

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