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Sony Huadi A95K TV National Bank Released – SONY Sony – cnBeta.COM

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Sony Huadi A95K TV National Bank Released – SONY Sony – cnBeta.COM

Tonight, Sony China officially held the 2022 Sony TV new product launch conference, and officially launched a number of new products including the Huadi A95K. in,Sony’s A95K, which was first announced at CES on January 4 this year, was definitely one of the highlights of the conference.A95K uses QD-OLED display technology for the first time,This technology combines the advantages of OLED and quantum dot LEDs, and compared with traditional OLED panels, it has greatly improved color and brightness, and has a longer life.


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At the same time, this TV is also equipped with Sony’s XR cognitive chip, which realizes more accurate color expression, and further exerts the display advantages of QD-OLED panel with high brightness, wide color gamut and wide viewing angle.

In terms of speakers, the A95K uses the screen sound field technology, placing the sound field driver unit under the panel, and through the characteristics of the OLED panel, the TV itself becomes a sound box to achieve a more immersive audio and video experience. With the XR chip, it can be further improved to 5.1. 2 channel effect.

It is worth mentioning that,In the latest TV picture quality ladder list, A95K successfully ranked first, becoming the “ceiling” of the current TV picture quality.

The Huadi A95K is only available in a 65-inch version, with a suggested retail price of 27,999 yuan.

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