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Soon 4.60 per cup of coffee – Café crème is becoming more and more expensive – News

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Soon 4.60 per cup of coffee – Café crème is becoming more and more expensive – News


The coffee costs on average 10 centimes more than last year. Next year the cup is likely to become even more expensive. This is what Cafetier Suisse predicts.

For a cup of coffee you need coffee, water, possibly milk, cream and sugar, electricity, a cup and saucer, a biscuit – and washing up liquid and disposal of the waste.

But these costs only make up a quarter of the effective cost of the café crème in the restaurant. Even though the prices for coffee and sugar have risen significantly in the last few months, explains Hans-Peter Oettli. He is the association president of Cafetier Suisse.

“The largest cost item is employee costs,” says Oettli. In addition to the wages of the employees, rent, electricity and heating make up the majority of the costs for the restaurant. And because these costs are unlikely to fall in the next few months, the prices for café crème, latte, espresso and the like will continue to rise.

Price increase of 5 to 15 percent

Oettli speaks of an increase of 5 to 15 percent. “Ultimately it will be around 10 centimes on average.” That would correspond to an average price in German-speaking Switzerland of 4.59 Swiss francs per cup.

In addition, after the pandemic, sales for coffee in a cup in the restaurant or in a cup for on the go increased significantly. But now Cafetier Suisse is realizing that demand is leveling off.

The lack of skilled workers also plays a role here, says Oettli: “Due to the lack of skilled workers, many companies had to adjust their opening hours. And if you stay open for less long hours, even if you cut off off-peak times, sales decrease.

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Legend: Coffee to go or in the restaurant: demand is decreasing. Reuters/Morris Mac Matzen

The association wants to continue to train baristas and baristas – especially in order to stimulate demand again: “If you offer good coffee, the guest will be happy to drink a second coffee. And that’s how you can increase sales.”

Because the margins on coffee are still right. «Coffee is a product that makes a relatively high contribution margin. “It helps our businesses survive well,” emphasizes Oettli.

1000 cups of coffee per person

The Swiss are world leaders in coffee consumption. With around 1,000 cups of coffee per person per year, we are among the most avid coffee drinkers. It’s obvious that the catering industry relies heavily on this love of coffee – despite constantly rising prices.

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