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Stadium in Milan, the centre-left splits but the majority gives the green light

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Stadium in Milan, the centre-left splits but the majority gives the green light

A political datum which, at least this time, translates into a concrete indication for the Inter and Milan teams who intend to build the new stadium in Milan.

The city council of Milan has approved the agenda presented by the centre-left majority, which places new conditions on the teams for the construction of the new stadium. It is “only” an agenda, but on this particularly sensitive topic the two companies have had at least an indication of how the work can continue. The city council is split, but the numbers are there. We move forward, albeit with a project that will be significantly modified compared to what we have seen so far.

For the teams it is an important fact. If the vote had been negative, even though an agenda is not binding, a path full of obstacles and oppositions would have emerged in a plastic way (and thus the decision-making process has already lengthened considerably, after the initial project of the teams was rejected in the Municipality because it was considered too speculative and not respectful of the Pgt).

The document has now been approved with 27 votes in favor, 14 against and one abstention. The agenda invites the mayor and the council to guarantee the popular nature of access to the stadium and therefore to consider an increase in capacity (with particular attention to the sectors with low-cost tickets) compared to what is proposed by the teams, considering as an objective optimal the number of 70,000 seats; to foresee a substantial increase in the surface area of usable green compared to the current situation so that the greenery represents at least 50% of the surface compared to the total area; to finance a intervention plan of a higher amount than initially proposed, with the aim of being able to allocate a share of at least 40 million, found through a definition of urbanization costs (not directly absorbed within the stadium project), to implement projects falling on the neighboring districts and not on the area subject to transformation.

One vote comes out split majority on the theme of the new stadium, with three councilors from Europa Verde, Carlo Monguzzi, Francesca Cucchiara and Tommaso Gorini, three councilors from the Democratic Party (Alessandro Giunti, Simonetta D’Amico and Rosario Pantaleo) and one from the Sala List, Enrico Fedrighini, who rejected the agenda. These are the councilors who are in favor of maintaining the Meazza. While two councilors were present in the classroom but did not vote, one from the Sala list, Gabriele Rabaiotti, and one from Milan in good health, Marco Fumagalli.

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