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State Cloud, Colao: “There will be room for everyone with clear rules”

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MILANO – On the state cloud “there will be room for everyone with clear rules”. This was stated by the minister of technological innovation and the digital transition Vittorio Colao, who spoke at the Ambrosetti workshop in Cernobbio, which on 7 September will publicly present the government’s strategic plan on this point. “On Tuesday – he said – we will explain how and why there will be a role for everything, but with rules established by the cybersecurity agency” and the data classification policies for the data centers and the cloud first rules for the public administration”. As for the possibility, even Huawei is also in the game, the former Vodafone number one clarified: “We are in Europe and we have rules” so “we will need a certification process”.

An all-Italian cloud: the US giants will only be technological partners

by Andrea Greco

It is necessary to create conditions for the birth of a European technological giant

The strategic autonomy of Europe on a technological level is very important, because when you are independent you can negotiate and collaborate better, Colaro then remarked. “I think it is important to dedicate a part of the NRP to re-establishing a strong European autonomy on a technological level, because in the future we cannot afford to depend on others: I specify that this does not mean doing everything alone, but negotiating on an equal footing with others”, he said. Europe – he continued – must use the opportunities and resources that exist to create the conditions for the next great technological group to be born on the continent. “There are great opportunities now, I don’t know if we can make another Google, there is one of Google in the world,” he said at a press conference on the sidelines of the Cernobbio forum. “We have to create an infrastructure environment and incentives. The next Google will be decided by consumers. We have to create the conditions,” he said.

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The first offer for the state cloud is near. Presenting it will be Cdp with Tim and Leonardo

by Andrea Greco

“Fairly satisfied with the first six months”

The minister said he was “quite satisfied” with the first months of work. “On the connectivity part, by September we will close the consultations and start the design of the tenders”, he indicated. The minister also expressed satisfaction with the number of resumes of people who respond to job offers from the dicastery and indicated that the one for innovation could be among the first ministries to spend part of the money from the Recovery. “We could be among the first with some small projects, but we are not yet in the spending phase,” he said in reference to the funds arrived from Europe as an advance.

Single network? Debate that I leave to others

Asked about the single network dossier, the minister dodged the question “It is a debate that is unique in Europe, I leave it to others,” he said. “The politicians have to do the politicians, the investment bankers and the managers have to do their job,” added Colao. “Mine is to make sure that fiber will reach everywhere in Italy by 2026: we have a goal of coverage and equity. There will be tenders and public funds”, he concluded.


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