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State Food and Drug Administration Holds Meeting to Promote Informatization of Drug Supervision

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State Food and Drug Administration Holds Informatization Work Promotion Meeting

On October 19, the State Food and Drug Administration convened a meeting to discuss the promotion of informatization work in drug supervision. The meeting focused on studying and implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on cyber power, as well as sharing achievements and experiences in drug supervision informatization.

Li Li, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the State Food and Drug Administration, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Other attendees included Huang Guo and Lei Ping, members of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Directors of the State Food and Drug Administration, and the Director of Drug Safety of the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that informatization plays a crucial role in enhancing drug regulatory efficiency and driving regulatory modernization. Over the years, drug regulatory authorities at all levels have prioritized the use of informatization to lead the modernization of drug supervision. Efforts have been made to strengthen the foundation of informatization work, foster innovations, and deepen its applications. Smart drug supervision has evolved from laying foundations and building pillars to consolidating a solid foundation and gaining momentum.

To further advance the informatization of drug supervision, the meeting highlighted the need to integrate information technology throughout the entire supervision process. This includes enhancing risk management, strengthening control, and improving the full life cycle supervision capabilities of regulatory authorities at all levels.

Adhering to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and implementing the “four most stringent” requirements were emphasized as crucial for the successful implementation of drug supervision informatization. The meeting emphasized the principles of overall coordination, business leadership, and step-by-step progress. It also stressed the importance of striving for practical results through innovative mechanisms, resource sharing, system integration, and deepening applications.

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The meeting provided guidelines for the next steps in six key areas. These include strengthening overall planning of informatization work, deepening the application of information technology in production supervision, improving the supervision of online drug sales, enhancing the electronic drug traceability system, optimizing e-government services, and prioritizing network security.

The meeting called for placing smart supervision in a more prominent strategic position within the national drug regulatory system. It also emphasized the need to strengthen organizational leadership, establish a multi-departmental collaboration mechanism driven by business needs and supported by information technology, and accelerate the transformation of information-based design into construction plans. Furthermore, the meeting stressed the importance of cultivating digital thinking and skills among supervisory personnel and improving the information application capabilities of the entire system.

During the meeting, the Information Center of the State Food and Drug Administration provided an overview of the overall situation of drug supervision informatization work. The Drug Registration Department, Drug Supervision Department, Device Review Center, and China National Institute of Inspection and Quarantine also shared their experiences and insights. The meeting was attended by the main responsible comrades of the party and government departments and bureaus of the State Food and Drug Administration, as well as the directly affiliated units and relevant officials in charge.

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