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Station B gets a payment license! 118 million to buy 65.5% of Yongyipay’s equity, and many licenses have been transferred during the year | Daily Economic News

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Payment licenses have gradually become the “standard configuration” of Internet giants. Following Didi Travel, Bytedance, and Pinduoduo, Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as Station B) has officially joined the “Payment Licensed Army”.

On the afternoon of November 19, the auction result of 65.5% state-owned equity of Zhejiang Yongyi Electronic Payment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yongyi Payment”) was announced. The buyer was Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Kuanyu”). ), which is the main company of station B, with a transaction price of 118 million yuan.

In addition, the “Daily Economic News” reporter noticed that many third-party payment licenses had been transferred during the year.

YongyiPay was received by station B of 118 million yuan

Prior to this, Ningbo Hengshun Auction Co., Ltd. published a state-owned equity auction announcement, stating that it was entrusted by Yuyao China Plastic City Group Co., Ltd. and Yuyao China Plastic City Logistics Co., Ltd., and the public auction of Yongyipay 65.5 will be held at 9 a.m. on November 19th. % Of the state-owned equity, the starting price is 117,965,500 yuan.

On the afternoon of the 19th, the Ningbo Public Resources Exchange Center announced the auction results, stating that Shanghai Kuanyu had obtained the auction at a price of 117,965,500 yuan.

It is worth noting that the official website of station B shows that Shanghai Kuanyu is the main company of station B. The reporter saw in the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System that Chen Rui, the legal representative and executive director of Shanghai Kuanyu, holds 100% of the company’s shares. And Chen Rui also serves as the general manager of Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., Ltd., the executive director of Phantom Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and the actual controller of Shanghai Phantom Information Technology Co., Ltd. According to the official website of Yongyi Payment, Yongyi Payment obtained the “Payment Business License” issued by the People’s Bank of China in June 2012.

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With the success of this equity bidding, Station B will formally join the “Payment Licensed Army”.

According to the information on the issuance of the payment business license issued by the Central Bank, the license business type of Yongyi Payment is Internet payment, and the business scope covers the whole country. This means that station B will have the legal qualifications to carry out national Internet payment services, and the license will be valid until June 26, 2022.

According to the online information, the transferees of the equity are Yuyao China Plastics City Logistics Co., Ltd. and Yuyao China Plastics City Group Co., Ltd. The former holds 56.5% of Yongyipay and the latter holds 9%. Through equity penetration, it can be seen that the actual controllers of the two companies are the State-owned Assets Management Office of Yuyao City.

Station B is ready for payment

This incident was not sudden, in fact, station B has already prepared for action.

According to the ICP/IP address/domain name information filing management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the “bilibilipay.com” and “bilibilipay.cn” domain names of the affiliated company of station B, Shanghai Magic Information Technology Co., Ltd., were reviewed and approved on May 10 this year.

In addition, as early as last year, the B station has already released senior/senior payment development engineers and other payment business-related positions. As of November 20 this year, reporters can still search for senior/senior payment product managers, payment product managers and other recruitment positions. Job responsibilities include “responsible for the design of payment related functions of the large member business, optimize the user purchase experience in various scenarios, and improve the overall paid purchase /Withholding success rate” “Responsible for the design of related functions of the live broadcast service payment and settlement, and optimizing the product experience”, etc.

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It is also worth noting that on November 17, Station B announced the third quarter of 2021 financial report. In the third quarter, average monthly active users of station B reached 267 million, a year-on-year increase of 35%; average daily active users reached 72 million, a year-on-year increase of 35%. At the same time, revenue in the third quarter reached 5.21 billion yuan, and a net loss of 2.686 billion yuan.

Circulation of multiple third-party payment licenses during the year

The circulation of third-party payment licenses continues.

On October 13, the 100% equity transfer of Chongqing Unipay Network Settlement Technology Co., Ltd. was completed at a transaction price of 400 million yuan.

In June of this year, Zhejiang China Commodity City Group Co., Ltd. issued the “Announcement on the Proposed Acquisition of 100% Equity in Zhejiang Haier Network Technology Co., Ltd.”. It is reported that Haier Network holds 100% of the equity of QuickPass Payment Service Co., Ltd. After the completion of this acquisition, the company indirectly holds 100% of the equity of QuickPass through Haier Network.

In addition, Qixinbao information shows that in April this year, Shanghai Yumu Information Technology Co., Ltd. held 100% of Xinjiang Runwu Network Co., Ltd. through equity transfer (including direct shareholding of 0.3% and indirect shareholding of 99.7%). And Runwu Network owns the third-party payment platform Ruibao Pay.

In March of this year, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. became the sole shareholder of Xunlian Zhipay and successfully won the third-party payment license. At the same time, Future Financial Technology Group announced that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Fuce Commercial Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Huika Computer Network Service Co., Ltd. signed an equity acquisition framework agreement to acquire 60% of the shares of Guangdong Huika Business Service Co., Ltd.

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(Intern Song Qinzhang also contributed to this article)

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