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Stellantis, CEO Tavares: “All Italian factories have a future”

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Stellantis, CEO Tavares: “All Italian factories have a future”

TORINO – The new incentives? “We are grateful to the government, it is a great decision.” Are the Mirafiori and Pomigliano factories at risk? “No, all Italian factories have a future”. Production in Italy? “It increased in 2023 by 10% and we share the government’s goal of reaching 1 million vehicles by 2030.” After weeks of tension, on the day Stellantis presents its 2023 accounts, the CEO, Carlos Tavares, lowers his tone and lends a hand to the government. “In 2023 we increased the production of our Italian factories by 10%. This is quite significant data. We produced 752 thousand vehicles, which is not a marginal number – explains Tavares during a conference call with Italian journalists – and we have therefore agreed with the Italian government to share a common goal that we want to achieve together, increase our contribution from 752 thousand to 1 million vehicles. A goal to be achieved by 2030 or, if we succeed, sooner if we continue to grow by 10% as in 2023”.

Stellantis, “record results” in 2023: profit reaches 18.6 billion by Diego Longhin 15 February 2024

In short, Tavares reiterates that the 1 million target is achievable, even if there is a difference in terms of timing compared to those hypothesized by the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. A question that can be resolved at the ministerial table. The numbers are also a way to respond to the government which, on every occasion, returns to the reduction of car production in Italy. A trend that for Stellantis, a company owned by Exor which also controls Gedi which publishes Republic, has already been reversed since last year. Tavares then blesses the new incentive system launched by the Meloni executive. An issue, purchasing subsidies, raised by the CEO in the interview with Bloomberg and at the center of the controversy with Minister Urso. According to the Portuguese manager’s calculations, with incentives for electric vehicles “20,000 more vehicles produced in Italy are automatically added. This means that the decision taken by the Italian government is an excellent decision and we thank it for this. It will directly benefit Italian consumers. So, to reach the common goal of 1 million vehicles made in Italian factories, we must work side by side with the Italian government. There is a future for the Pomigliano d’Arco and Mirafiori factories”. Compared to the numbers, in general, 63% of Stellantis’ production in Italy, according to the CEO, is directed outside Italy. “Exports that are good for the Italian trade balance,” says Tavares. But not only. The reference is to the 500 Bev and Mirafiori, where we now work on a single shift and the workers are on rotation for a month and a half. “By deciding to export the Fiat 500 Bev to the USA we are increasing Mirafiori’s activity. The situation will improve as soon as we have subsidies for electricity in Italy and Germany. Things will be better. When there were subsidies for electric vehicles, there was one month, I think it was October. But you will see that in October 2023 the Fiat 500 EV was in first place in electric vehicle sales in Germany, ahead of Volkswagen.”

Stellantis, the unions ask for a meeting with Meloni and Tavares. Elkann sees Mattarella and Giorgetti by Diego Longhin 06 February 2024

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Also on Maserati the CEO of Stellantis was clear: “It will remain an Italian brand produced in Italy. Because when it comes to luxury products, it is necessary to sell the best Italian craftsmanship as a luxury product. This is what we intend to do. Maserati has therefore drastically improved the quality. Maserati has the resources to replace all existing cars. Maserati will launch the products as soon as it deems the quality to be top notch. Maserati’s designers are Italian, the engineers are Italian and the cars are and will be produced in Italian factories”. Tavares, who also insists on the development capabilities of the models and capabilities concentrated in Turin, takes the opportunity to deny any merger operation, “we have no ongoing negotiations on anything that resembles a merger”. And then he added: “And we certainly don’t have any operations under consideration Renault, I want to be frank. It was pure speculation.”

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