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Stellantis, Mirafiori closed until June

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Stellantis, Mirafiori closed until June

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The company management of the Mirafiori body shop has communicated to the union delegates that production activity will be suspended for the entire month of May with the total closure of the plant. The unions made this known, explaining that the use of a new redundancy fund (Cds) has been communicated to the trade unions, therefore work on the Maserati and 500 Bev models, which should have restarted on 7 May, will only resume on 3 June.

«This stoppage of an entire month is yet another slap in the face given to workers and to the city of Turin in general which will see the economic situation worsen with the inevitable repercussions on related industries» say Edi Lazzi, general secretary of the Fiom CGIL of Turin , and Gianni Mannori, head of Mirafiori for Fiom CGIL.

For the company this is the effect of the decline in orders and the lack of new incentives. The stalemate therefore remains on the situation of the historic Turin car hub, for which the unions, local institutions and employers’ associations are calling for an industrial relaunch that involves the assignment of a second model alongside the Fiat 500 bev which is struggling to maintain its volumes.

If overall, during the first quarter of the year, production in Italy in the Stellantis factories fell by almost 10%, in Mirafiori the volumes halved, with a total of 12,680 units active and the prospect of remaining below the threshold of 50 thousand units during 2024. The end of production of the Maserati Levante contributed but above all the drop in the market on electric models and the Fiat 500 bev.

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«We need a diversification of models and ranges in such a way that, if one doesn’t work, it is compensated by another that does better» insists Fiom. Maserati, GC and GT are also produced in Mirafiori, but the plan for new production for the Trident has been postponed to 2027-28.

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