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Stellantis, sales growing in January. Spain toasts, Italy doesn’t celebrate

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Stellantis, sales growing in January.  Spain toasts, Italy doesn’t celebrate

January with sold in growth by Stellantis ma Italy cannot celebrate. According to rumors appearing in the Spanish press, in fact, the Scome small, that is, the technology to produce small-displacement cars (the best-selling by the Franco-Italian group) will be made in Spain. Thus, after the slap in the face to our country with the announcement that the production of new Panda in Serbia not 500 made in Poland, now it turns out that the future of the “small” ones is Spanish. A terrible blow for the workers of the former Fiat who in Mirafiori decided on a spontaneous strike to protest against the extension of the redundancy fund by another month.

Good signals from the market

In wider Europe (27 EU countries plus Switzerland and the United Kingdom), Stellantis recorded one in January volume growth (cars + commercial vehicles) equal to 17,6% compared to last year, corresponding to one market share by 19.7%, an increase of 0.9 percentage points compared to last year. They stand out Germaniawith a +61% in sales, and the United Kingdom, with growth of more than 27%. In France, thanks to the success of the national campaign to promote social leasing, Stellantis is the market leader and is growing by 19%, more than double the market. In Italia, Stellantis records a +14.1% (cars + commercial vehicles) compared to the past year and confirms its leadership: there are six Stellantis models in the top ten, with the Fiat Panda (which as mentioned will not be produced in Italy) , which occupies the first position. As far as electric is concerned, the growth was 20%, not much considering the numbers we are starting from. The fact is that Stellantis’ share for BEVs is 13.7%.

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For city cars and small cars Tavares chooses Spain

Just a few days ago, the Spanish Minister of Industry, Jordi Hereu, there was some confidence in Stellantis’ willingness to open one nuova gigafactory of batteries in Spain. Project intended, in turn, to support the production of electric cars in the various plants managed by the tra group Vigo, Zaragoza and Madrid. To confirm the minister’s optimism comes the indiscretion according to which the Iberian country is the one chosen for the location of the Stla Small platform (platform intended for small electric vehicles). Second The Automotive Tribune, the first electric city car will be released from the Zaragoza factory as early as 2026. It would be the new one Peugetot e-208, but many other models are expected. The choice of Zaragoza has sparked quite a few protests in France. Which was followed by the words of the CEO, Tavares. “We are ready to dialogue, and we continually dialogue with the governments of Italy and France, who are well-intentioned, who are supportive – said the manager, – but Stellantis produces where it is most competitive“. The company’s investment to bring Stla small to the Spanish city involves investments of one billion euros.

We are only at the beginning

The Tribuna de Automoción precisely lists the programs and numbers for the Stla Small. The production of the Peogeot e-208 will be accompanied by that of Opel Corsa electric and to the Peugeot 2008 for a total of 335 thousand specimens per yearFor the 208, volumes are planned to increase from 158 thousand in 2027 to 185 thousand in 2018, up to over 200 thousand in 2019, while for the Corsa 150 thousand are expected in 2028.

False hopes for the arrival of Lancia

If Stellantis approaches the maximum production capacity of the Spanish factories, the assembly line of the new one could go into crisis Lancia Ypsilon. Hence the rumors, which however have no objective confirmation, that the Lancia could be transferred to one Italian factory. But for the moment they are only rumors which, according to some analysts, are spread artfully to avoid mobilizations in our country. Also because it seems almost unrealistic to shift the production (with all the inconveniences it entails) of a model currently being launched on which the brand’s survival is at stake.

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Almost tombstone on Maserati

In reality the mobilizations have already started. The workers of Mirafiori body shops I’m on spontaneous strike. This is made known Fiom Cgil of Turin, specifying that the blue overalls of the first shift of the 500e and Maserati lines demonstrate in front of the entrance to the factory. And there are many reasons for concern for the workers at the Turin plant. In fact, the news arrives that the company will suspend production of the Maserati Levante, a blow to the heart for the luxury brand given that out of ten cars that leave the assembly line, seven are Levante cars. “When workers go on strike spontaneously it means that the situation has reached the limit. There is no more time to waste, we must act immediately” – he declared Edi Lazzi pointing the finger at the company. Cisl and Uil are more cautious, linked to the company by the constraints of an agreement signed almost ten years ago by Marchionne. Good times for Turin, those of the supermanager of the car, when Italy and Italian workers were at the top of the concerns and not, as today, France alone.

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