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Stellantis, separate agreement on the Turin production center: Fiom does not sign

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It is again a rupture between the Stellantis unions. Fiom has not signed an agreement with the company on the reorganization of the Turin production center. «We are not signing an agreement that sanctions the closure of the Grugliasco Maserati. In Turin there are not only the Bodywork and Maserati, there are various sectors such as Mechanics, which produces the gearboxes, the employees of the central bodies and the presses and cascade of all related industries. So we need a general plan that the company has not provided », explain Simone Marinelli, car coordinator of the national Fiom and Edi Lazzi, secretary of the Turin Fiom.

The agreement with Fim, Uilm, Fismic and Uglm

In the agreement, explain Fim, Uilm, Fismic, Uglm and Associazione Quadri, «it is specified that there will be no structural redundancies, with the company commitment to be able to resort only to voluntary exits and conservative social safety nets. The necessary training interventions are foreseen, the guarantee of the maintenance of the best ergonomic standards also on future assembly lines, as well as the accrual of the monthly accruals of the deferred institutes, which will allow to alleviate as much as possible the negative wage effect of the use of layoffs. . Workers are also granted the possibility, compatibly with their professionalism and manpower needs, to work in other production units in the Turin area. This is an important agreement not only for the workers involved but for the entire city of Turin. However, the confrontation with Stellantis will have to continue for all the other Italian plants ».

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No redundancies in the plan

The plan, presented at Mise on 11 October, provides for the birth of the Stellantis Turin Manufacturing District in Mirafiori with a single production process for different Maserati models, capable of integrating different platforms, models and propulsion systems. A center, therefore, of competence for the electrification of the group, with platforms for the electric 500 and for the Maserati models. The activities of the former Bertone, now Agap – a factory that FCA had taken over in 2009 – and all 1,100 employees will be transferred to Mirafiori. There will be no redundancies.

In Grugliasco only the bodywork

In Grugliasco, where the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte are produced today, only the paneling will remain for now and will be moved to the end of the plan in 2024. The new Maserati models will arrive in Mirafiori between 2022 and 2024: the Gran Cabrio and Gran Turismo and the Levante SUV will continue to be produced. From January 2022 there will be two shifts of work on the 500 electric line and that within the year the Maserati activities will be transferred from Grugliasco to Mirafiori. The plan for Turin is the second step after the new platform announced before the summer in Melfi for the production starting from 2024 of four multi-brand electric models and an assembly line for batteries.

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