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Stellantis, the electric revolution starts from the productivity of Melfi

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The new electric season passes from the South, from Basilicata and Molise. Stellantis, the automotive giant, the result of the merger between the FCA and PSA groups, has confirmed its commitment and willingness to continue investing in Italy: from Melfi (with the launch by 2024 of 4 new full electric cars and 400,000 cars year), in Termoli (the third European site to host the gigafactory and which in the future could also supply the batteries to the Lucanian plant). Stellantis’ objective: “to anticipate and support the energy transition of all (its) Italian industrial sites”, to “guarantee their sustainability by improving performance and to make the country play a strategic role among the Group’s main domestic markets “.

Over 5 billion in investments in Italy. And in the South, now Pomigliano d’Arco and Cassino are hoping for the next announcements of Stellantis, an epochal change awaits the Melfi plant (where, in hybrid and petrol versions, Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade and Compass are produced) which becomes the the first plant in the Stellantis galaxy to host the new 2030 ready electric platform (Stla Medium) with autonomy up to 700 km and the development of four new all-electric, multi-brand cars, to be distributed on European domestic markets from 2024.


But now, the moment is very delicate, for the Lucanian plant called to be more and more performing and to set itself among the best in the world because Stellantis, as confirmed by its CEO Carlos Tavares, by presenting the group’s strategies and investment plan, intends to «become market leader in low-emission vehicles (Lev) and by 2030, the Lev mix of Stellantis for passenger cars is destined to grow over 70% in Europe ». To respond to the current context and prepare for the future scenario, explained Stellantis, the “superline” is also born, which will allow us to reach a maximum capacity of up to 400 thousand cars a year, while maintaining the flexibility to produce all the variants made so far, lowering the depreciation costs of the Melfi plant, reusing the assets in the best possible way and making room for the new battery assembly area functional to the new project.

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Optimism and a clear vision for Confindustria Basilicata. «We have passed – underlines the president Francesco Somma – from the satisfaction for the merger between FCA and PSA, to the fears of downsizing then fortunately dispelled by the prospects of the Stellantis industrial plan which now imposes ambitious challenges. The future of Melfi must be planned, which has already proved to be a manufacturing excellence and which must remain so. It is immediately necessary to open up to discussions with first and second level suppliers regarding the prospects linked to the new business planned for the Lucanian factory and, at the same time, to put in place at the regional government level all the useful tools to support the induced in the complex challenge of global competitiveness ». “We need to invest – Somma reiterates – in quality, research and innovation, trying on the one hand to overcome the physical and immaterial infrastructural gap and on the other immediately relaunching the idea of ​​an ITS on mechatronics that allows us to overcome the mismatch between supply and demand of work “.

“A road map that on the basis of deadlines for meetings, insights, technical tables, defines the path to follow for Melfi from today to 2024″ is the one proposed by Vincenzo Tortorelli, secretary general of the UIL of Basilicata, who relaunches the proposal to establish the ” Automotive Observatory with the participation of experts. “The new industrial plan for Stellantis Melfi, which is intertwined with all the related activities, – explains Tortorelli – requires a strategy and clear proposals shared by all the social and institutional subjects in the field”.

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