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Stellantis, the trade unions: agreement reached for Melfi

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“The negotiation between Stellantis and the trade unions ended this afternoon, leading to the signing of an important agreement for the Melfi plant.” This was announced by the unions, explaining that “after 36 uninterrupted hours of confrontation” it was decided that “from 2024, the production of 4 new fully electrified models, each of a different brand, will be allocated to Melfi, plus an electric battery assembly area. ; at the same time in Melfi the production of the cars currently on site and beyond will continue with the evolution of the same planned and confirmed in the 2018/2022 industrial plan ».

The Lucanian and Stellantis trade unions, explain the metalworking acronyms Fim, Fiom, Uilm, Fismic, Uglm, Aqcf, resumed the discussion after the meeting on June 15 at the Mise, in which the first investment of the future industrial plan was announced of Stellantis starting from Melfi. According to the agreement, moreover, «the Melfi plant will be affected by an organizational evolution that will see the production of cars on one line only resulting from a synergistic merger between the two lines currently in operation. This enhanced line will keep the maximum production capacity of 400,000 cars unchanged, thus guaranteeing the potential of the Lucanian site, and will be organized in compliance with ergonomics and all the health and safety regulations in the workplace ”, explain the trade unions.

“The agreement provides – they continue – a temporary management plan to cope with market declines and the lack of semiconductors, but which also aims to engage with the investment and transition to electricity in 2024. The agreement also provides for , a defensive solidarity contract with a maximum percentage of 45% which will favor a fair daily rotation, and in any case it is guaranteed that the Melfi plant will not have any declaration of structural redundancies «.

«A historic achievement, claimed for a long time», underline the acronyms, «is the guarantee for all workers of the accruals accruals of the related contractual and legal institutions that allows the overcoming of wage losses. A voluntary redundancy incentive plan has also been defined ”and“ transfers to the Italian and European plants of the Stellantis group will be favored in this economic phase ”. On the understanding, meetings will be convened on Monday with all the delegates of the Stellantis plant and subsequently the assemblies with the workers.

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