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Strength creates a brand Zhonggan Holdings Group won two awards at the 2023 China Brand Boao Summit-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

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Strength creates a brand Zhonggan Holdings Group won two awards at the 2023 China Brand Boao Summit-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

Source Title: Strength Creates a Brand Zhonggan Holdings Group won two awards at the 2023 China Brand Boao Summit

Give full play to the leading role of the brand and promote the development of the brand towards high quality. On May 28, the 2023 (seventh) China Brand Boao Summit was grandly held in Haikou, Hainan.

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Zhonggan Holding Group was invited to participate in this grand event, and won the double honor of “2023 China (Industry) Consumer Trusted Brand” and “2023 (Industry) Brand Top Ten Innovators”.

Honorary coronation at the brand event

Since 2017, the Boao Summit of Chinese Brands has been successfully held six times. This year, the Brand Boao Summit continued to focus on brands, with the theme of “Combining Brand Power to Promote High-quality Development”, and invited leaders of government departments, economic experts and scholars, leaders of top 500 companies and representatives of outstanding companies in various industries to participate.

As an invited guest, Mr. Yang Shangfeng, CEO of Zhonggan Holding Group, gathered together with representatives of famous enterprises such as State Grid, China Telecom, China Electronics Optics Valley, Huawei Investment Holdings, etc., to focus on brand building, and launched in-depth, multi-angle, and Collision of ideas across fields.

As one of the theme activities of this forum, “Boao Brand Night” has witnessed the brand development achievements and glory of many powerful and famous enterprises.

With its good business reputation and excellent industry reputation, Zhonggan Holdings Group won the “2023 China (Industry) Consumer Trusted Brand”.

Mr. Yang Shangfeng, CEO of Zhonggan Holding Group, won the “2023 (Industry) Brand Top Ten Innovators”.

The issuance of the two awards not only represents the recognition of the brand value and strength of outstanding companies from all walks of life, but also sets a benchmark for other companies in the industry, encouraging more companies to deepen brand building and enhance brand strength.

Bravely assume social responsibility to create brand value

Brand is the concentrated and externalized expression of the core competitiveness of an enterprise, and is the most important intangible asset of an enterprise. In the construction of brand power, in addition to shaping the brand image based on integrity and culture, the practice of corporate social responsibility is also the key.

As a comprehensive industrial group, Zhonggan Holdings Group takes “serving the people and benefiting the world” as its corporate responsibility. While accelerating its own high-quality development, it will do its best to fulfill its social responsibilities and actively make contributions to the country, society, and partners. .

Regarding business development and layout, every product developed, screened and launched by Zhonggan is dedicated to helping local governments solve people’s livelihood problems.

In the real estate sector, Zhonggan helps to de-stock real estate; in the energy sector, Zhonggan keeps up with the pace of the national strategy, accelerates the deployment of the hydrogen energy industry, and contributes to maintaining energy security and resolving the energy crisis. In addition, Zhonggan also focuses on scientific and technological agriculture, pays attention to rural revitalization, and promotes the realization of common prosperity.

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With the steady advancement of Zhonggan’s diversified business, its development ideas continue to gain social recognition and customer trust. In 2019, Zhonggan won the “Frontier Award” for the best investment institution of the year.

For a long time, Zhonggan has also placed public welfare in an important position in corporate development. While accelerating the high-quality development of the enterprise, increase investment in social public welfare undertakings, and strive to create a public welfare brand of “Yiqi Qianxing”, and take this as an opportunity to hold a series of public welfare activities, such as public welfare tree planting activities, public welfare assistance activities etc.

In addition, Zhonggan also actively responded to the government’s call and joined the “Enterprises Help Green Beauty Guangdong Ecological Construction Alliance”, becoming the first batch of joint construction units of the alliance, and the government and enterprises jointly build a “green barrier” for biodiversity protection.

At the 12th Public Welfare Festival, Zhonggan won two important awards, the “2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Industry Model Award” and “2022 Responsible Business Leader”, which strengthened the group’s confidence and confidence in continuing to pay attention to social livelihood and fulfill social responsibilities. determination.

Honor witnesses strength, and strength creates a brand. Zhonggan Holdings Group will uphold its original intention, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, continue to forge and enhance its brand influence, and empower its development with its brand.

After ten years of spring and autumn, in the future, Zhonggan will continue to plan the company’s development strategy in depth, innovate products and services, increase investment in infrastructure construction, and use the endowment of the financial industry to make continuous contributions to promoting my country’s economic development and social progress.

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