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Strike of petrol stations, the ministry summons the unions urgently: last attempt to avoid the lockout

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Strike of petrol stations, the ministry summons the unions urgently: last attempt to avoid the lockout

ROME. The meeting with the representatives of the fuel managers who have proclaimed the 48-hour strike starting tonight on roads and highways is underway via the web with the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso. It would be a narrow attempt to prevent the closure of gas stations. The organizations Faib, Fegica and Figisc-Anisa, opposed to the measures of the Transparency decree on the prices of petrol and diesel, during three meetings (one at Palazzo Chigi and two at Mimit) suspended the strike which was later confirmed despite an opening of Urso with a relaxation of the measure. But they have always said they are ready to revoke the stoppage in the face of a convincing proposal even at the last minute before closing.

Strike of petrol stations, here’s where to fill up on the highway despite the lockout


Codacons, commenting on the convocation of the managers to the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, argues that «the government should not limit itself to summoning only the petrol station attendants, but a discussion table is needed with consumers, i.e. the directly involved who every day buy fuel, and all the parties involved, in order to finally clarify the issue of price lists at the pump. That there are anomalies in terms of petrol and diesel prices at the pump is a clear and by now established fact, and it is absurd that still today there are those who, instead of protecting consumers, play into the hands of oil companies and multinationals by placing all the responsibilities on the Government, which certainly has a role in the formation of price lists through the increase in excise duties, but is not the author of speculations». Codacons continues: «As repeatedly demonstrated by the total misalignment between oil prices, Platts and price trends at the pump, anomalies and speculations are hidden in the various stages of the petrol supply chain, where the activities of intermediaries and brokers affect the final price lists paid by motorists. Precisely for this reason Codacons has denounced speculative phenomena leading Antitrust, Guardia di Finanza and Prosecutors from all over Italy to take action, and for the same reason we ask the Government to open an enlarged table, because transparency must be guaranteed not only to the distributor, but in all steps from oil extraction to the sale of fuel at the pump», concludes the association.

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The strike will result in the closure of refueling facilities, including self-service facilities, from 7pm today to 7pm on Thursday 26 January. Same days but different times for the plants on the motorway: the strike will start at 10pm today and end at 10pm on Thursday. In compliance with the legislation on strikes, the opening of fuel stations belonging to the «’turnazione A» and indicated in the list available on the website http://www.regioni.it/home/carburante-sciopero-nazionale will be guaranteed on the motorway network -impianti-autostradali-3038/. The advice is to pay attention to the content of the Variable Message Signs available along the motorway network. For up-to-date information on traffic, the CCISS channels are available (free number 1518, websites www.cciss.it and mobile.cciss.it, the iCCISS iPhone application, the CCISS Twitter channel), Isoradio broadcasts, the news of Onda Verde on the three Radio-Rai networks and on Rai Teletext.

Distributor strike with skyrocketing petrol and diesel: here are 8 useful tips to save money

Paolo Baroni

To find out about the state of traffic on the road network under Anas’ jurisdiction, it is also possible to use the «Vai» application or call the single number 800.841.148. Real-time information on the motorway network under concession, on road and traffic conditions along the various sections and other useful information for the journey is available on the various channels activated by the individual concessionaires (websites, dedicated numbers, apps, etc. ), as well as through the website www.aiscat.it.

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