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Style reinterpreted for the new Kia Niro

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One of the most successful compact size crossovers in Europe, the Kia Niro is renewed six years after its debut by focusing on a style with even clearer and more decisive aesthetic features to which is added a brand new rear pillar that will probably cause a lot of discussion. Kia, on the other hand, has confirmed that the car will be available starting next year.

Niro stood out for being a model offered in three variants of electrified powertrain and the second generation confirms this setting and in fact there will always be three different types of power supply: Hev or full hybrid, Phev or plug-in and Ev, that is only electric. Furthermore, the aesthetic as well as functional solutions of the interiors have made a big step forward with the use of innovative applications.

Like the Greenzone Drive Mode which, in the hybrid versions, acts on the driving mode and allows you to switch in the most complete automatic mode from hybrid to electric drive. It is, in fact, the car that on its own senses when it is appropriate to switch to battery mode.

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