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Subaru updates the Forester but remains the off-road soul

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The Subaru Forester e-boxer is renewed, but without attracting too much attention. In fact, the highlight of the update rests on a technological upgrading that increases safety and dynamism. Some solutions pave the way for an evolution of semi-autonomous driving by Subaru that will reach new steps with future models, increasingly electrified such as the zero-emission Solterra SUV that will be marketed towards the summer.

The new Forester series always relies on the hybrid powertrain with 2-liter all-wheel drive with 150 horsepower, defined as mild but actually full-hybrid because it can push the zero-emission car at low speed for short distances, and aesthetically it is recognized above all for the renewal of the front.

Only the unprecedented 4dventure version escapes this consideration, especially when the outfit is customized by the orange finish of the body guards and roof bars. The coloring is also found in the large and comfortable interior, in which you can also make use of the (not fundamental) gestural controls for air conditioning and which, in this case, offers practical water-repellent upholstery for the seats.

The 2022 range of the Forester e-boxer consists of the 4dventure, which costs around 45 thousand euros, and the Free, Style and Premium versions on sale at prices ranging from almost 38 thousand to over 45 thousand euros. All variants, fully guaranteed for 8 years like all other Subaru, offer the 4.0 generation of the EyeSight safety system. The device now uses cameras with widened view in every direction and offers the system that activates the automatic steering to avoid an obstacle when automatic braking is not sufficient and the one that recognizes the lane lines and the distance from the vehicle in front, to keep at center lane the car with adaptive cruise control in operation.

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The latter in our short test proved to be very determined in carrying out his task. In practice, it contributes to the good relationship between man and machine, just as new solutions do that better tune the car with the asphalt and with low-grip surfaces. The 4dventure retains the not too bright temperament and reliable dynamic behavior of the previous Foresters. It is a car that is now more instinctive to drive in all conditions and even off-road.

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