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Successful Beijing-Mongolia Cooperation Promotes Sales of Inner Mongolia Agricultural and Livestock Products

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“Ecological Inner Mongolia Green Good Taste” Beijing-Mongolia agricultural and livestock products circulation cooperation promotion meeting was held in Beijing on October 9. The event, co-sponsored by the Department of Commerce of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, resulted in 43 purchase intentions worth 914 million yuan.

The promotion meeting showcased a special agricultural and livestock product tasting area, featuring high-quality and characteristic agricultural and livestock products from Hohhot City, Ulanqab City, Bayannur City, and Xilingol League. Various Inner Mongolia agricultural products, including cheese, milk, milk tofu, flour, and rice, were exhibited, attracting the attention of leaders from companies in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, and other regions. On-site tastings and business negotiations took place.

During the event, the Department of Commerce of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Vegetable Circulation Association. Additionally, Inner Mongolia Shiquanshimei Co., Ltd., Ulanqab Kangtai Huiminyuan Agricultural Trade Co., Ltd., and Beijing Xinfadi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Furthermore, ten pairs of companies from Beijing and Mongolia signed contracts on-site. In total, 43 purchase intentions were reached, amounting to 914 million yuan.

Cui Shuqiang, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, emphasized the significance of the promotion event. He stated that it not only expanded the sales channels for high-quality agricultural and livestock products from Inner Mongolia to Beijing but also enriched the “vegetable basket” and “rice bags” for the people of Beijing. Cui also highlighted the event’s role in strengthening cooperation between agricultural and livestock product production and distribution enterprises in Beijing and Mongolia.

Luo Zhihu, vice chairman of the CPPCC Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, acknowledged the long-standing Beijing-Mongolia cooperation. Over the past two decades, Inner Mongolia has supplied a considerable amount of clean energy, green electricity, and high-quality agricultural and livestock products to Beijing. In return, Beijing has contributed funds, technology, projects, and talents to Inner Mongolia, fostering a productive partnership.

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Zhang Hongfu, director of the Department of Commerce of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, outlined the region’s future plans. He affirmed Inner Mongolia’s commitment to implementing the “Beijing-Mongolia Cooperation Agricultural and Livestock Products Sales Doubling Plan” and the “Comprehensive Deepening of Agricultural and Livestock Products Circulation Cooperation Framework Agreement” signed with the Beijing-Mongolia Commerce Department. The focus will be on developing a new platform for production and sales docking, promoting the essence of “Inner Mongolia flavor,” and cultivating renowned enterprises under the “time-honored” and “Mongolian brand” labels.

The successful promotion meeting signifies the strengthened relationship between Inner Mongolia and Beijing in the agricultural and livestock products sector, ensuring mutual benefits and continuous development.

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