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Sued by Japan Steel for 1.1 billion yuan Baosteel responded again-News-cnBeta.COM

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On October 18th, Baosteel Co., Ltd. issued an announcement stating that because the company violated Japan Steel’s electromagnetic steel plate related patents, it produced electromagnetic steel plates for Toyota Motor Corporation to use in electric vehicle manufacturing.Baosteel Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor have been sued in the Tokyo District Court for damages of 20 billion yen each.


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In response to the technology patent lawsuit filed by Japan Steel, Baosteel Co., Ltd. will actively respond to the lawsuit and resolutely defend the company’s rights and interests.The company has not received a formal lawsuit, and this lawsuit has not yet been heard. It is not yet possible to judge the impact of this lawsuit on the company’s current profit or subsequent profit.

On the morning of October 17, Baosteel Co., Ltd. stated in a related statement sent to reporters that patent identification should be based on rigorous and scientific technical exchanges and verification of both parties. Baosteel Co., Ltd. does not approve of Japan’s unilateral claims. .

According to previous reports, in July 2020, Toyota’s hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and pure electric vehicles sold to Japan will begin to partially adopt Baosteel’s products.This is the first time that a large Japanese car company has adopted non-oriented electrical steel produced by a Chinese company in passenger cars produced in Japan.

The “electromagnetic steel” mentioned in the statement of Japan Steel is called “electrical steel” in the country, commonly known as “silicon steel”. It is an important soft magnetic alloy indispensable in the power, electronics and military industries. It is mainly used for various motors and power generation. The iron core of the machine and transformer. According to the different silicon content, electrical steel can be divided into low silicon wafers (medium and low grades) and high silicon wafers (high grades).

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The non-oriented silicon steel is the key basic material to realize the conversion of electric energy into kinetic energy through the motor and realize the energy conversion, and its performance directly affects the efficiency of energy conversion.

Regarding the use of Chinese Baosteel products, Toyota said that Japan Steel is an important partner of Toyota. Regarding their lawsuit, Toyota said that the lawsuit was “regrettable”, saying that before signing a supply agreement with its steel manufacturer, The company did not find any patent infringement issues.

Moreover, the quality of Baosteel in China is no worse than that of Japanese companies. With the popularity of electric vehicles, Toyota will promote the diversification of supply chain companies.

In fact, Baosteel has a deep relationship with Japan Steel, and this incident is more like an apprentice taking away the job of the master.

In April this year, Baosteel’s parent company China Baowu also posted a document on its official website to review the history of friendly cooperation with Japan Steel Corporation.

According to the article, more than 40 years ago, when the Baosteel project was built on the coast of the East China Sea, a complete set of equipment, technology and modern management were introduced from world-class steel companies such as Nippon Steel (now Nippon Steel).More than a thousand Baosteel technical and operating personnel have received training and internships in Japan. Nippon Steel and other foreign steel companies have also sent a large number of technical experts to participate in and guide Baosteel’s construction.

“Students do not surpass teachers, and mankind will never make progress. Blue is better than blue, so that we can stand out from the class. After several generations of Baowu people, we have achieved a historic leap, and the students of the year have grown up. It is the world’s number one’steel aircraft carrier’ in annual crude steel production and profitability.”

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According to data from the World Iron and Steel Association, China Baowu’s crude steel production in 2020 is about 115 million tons, ranking first in the world; Japan’s iron and steel company’s output is about 41.58 million tons, which is less than 40% of China’s Baowu and ranking fifth in the world. .

Zou Jixin, Chairman of Baosteel Co., Ltd. also stated that as the first supplier of materials for driving motors for new energy vehicles, the company has a global market share of 30% and a domestic market share of 60%. Baosteel has become the core of the global new energy vehicle supply chain. enterprise.

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