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Super Enalotto, play 2 euros online and win 73.8 million

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Super Enalotto, play 2 euros online and win 73.8 million

Play 2 euros online, win 73.8 million at SuperEnalotto

ISuperEnalotto gives away a 73.8 million euro Jackpot: lthe winning sestina (4 15 26 27 72 82 JOLLY 89 SUPERSTAR 12) has in fact been hit online. As Corriere della Sera explains, victory came for a two-euro bet online. “Theoretically, more people could have played the winning lineup, but with a two-euro bet, everything suggests that it was a single who celebrated last night”.

As reported by agipronews, this is the second “6” of 2023: the last Jackpot dates back to February 16, when the highest prize in the history of the game was awardeda hit of 371.1 million euro achieved with the Bacheca dei Sistemi, thanks to the 450 euro “Una Buona Stella” system, divided into 90 coupons of 5 euro each, for a win of around 4 million euro for each player.

With that of tonight there are 127 wins with the “6” made since the birth of SuperEnalotto. From 1997 to today, considering only the first category winnings, prizes worth over 5 billion euros have been distributed.

Mathematically, there are 622 million possible sextuplets to hit the exact combination. The new game formula, introduced in 2016, has also contributed to the growth of the Jackpot: a more substantial part of the collection is allocated to the jackpot, you can also win with 2 and there are instant prizes.

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