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“Super transparent” image experience: Xiaomi Civi 2 is equipped with the world’s first 1G6P WLG glass-plastic hybrid lens

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“Super transparent” image experience: Xiaomi Civi 2 is equipped with the world’s first 1G6P WLG glass-plastic hybrid lens

“More multi-trend design, innovative imaging technology“, on the afternoon of September 27, Xiaomi Civi 2 was released.

This time, Xiaomi Civi 2 focuses on “comprehensive image upgrade”. Its flagship rear main camera adopts the world‘s first 1G6P WLG glass-plastic hybrid lens from Chengrui Optics to create an extraordinary “super-transparent” image experience. The craftsmanship makes the user feel light and thin; in addition, in terms of heat dissipation, Civi 2 uses a stainless steel ultra-thin liquid-cooled heat dissipation VC customized by AAC Technology to stabilize the powerful chip of Snapdragon 7, which is cooler and more comfortable to use.

The world’s first 1G6P WLG glass-plastic lensBringing “super transparent” video experience

The WLG glass-plastic hybrid lens on the Xiaomi Civi 2 is specially customized by Chengrui Optics. It adopts a combination of 1 WLG wafer-level glass lens and 6 plastic lenses, which has stronger optical performance than the traditional 7P plastic lens. , The addition of wafer-level glass lens gives the lens the advantages of larger aperture, high resolution, low thickness, low temperature drift, etc., which can reduce image noise in low-light shooting conditions and improve edge and near focus image quality.

Hu Xinxin, product manager of Xiaomi Civi, wrote in a blog post titled “Xiaomi’s Image Resolution”, “The rear main camera not only uses the well-known big cup darling IMX766, but also matches the cost.ED Extra Low Dispersion Optical Glass Lenses, the edge image quality of daytime shooting is better, the light transmittance of nighttime shooting is higher, and the noise reduction performance is better. “

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The “ED ultra-low dispersion optical glass lens” matched here is the WLG glass lens manufactured by Chengrui Optical. Compared with plastic lenses, WLG glass lenses have better performance in terms of refractive index, dispersion, reliability, thermal stability, etc., and can effectively solve the problems and limitations faced by current plastic lenses. The technology has obvious advantages over other glass molding technologies in terms of optical performance, optical precision, lens structure, lens thickness and ultimate performance. Compared with the plastic lens of the same specification, the 1G6P WLG glass-plastic hybrid lens designed by Chengrui Optical has a 15% increase in light input, a 5% increase in resolution, and a 5-10% decrease in the overall lens height.

Xiaomi Civi 2 is equipped with a large aperture of F1.8, which can accommodate more external light into the sensor channel, and more details penetrate the WLG glass-plastic hybrid lens to the sensor. The low-light shooting is brighter, the overall image is clearer, the color reproduction is more realistic and rich, and the details are more vivid and vivid. While the wonderful moments can be presented instantly, the scenes of daily life are given more romance through a more natural blur effect.

It is reported that many electronic components need to be stacked inside the mobile phone. In such a miniature space, only by “squeezing out” every inch of space can it be lighter and thinner. Among them, the raised height of the lens is the “longest piece of wood” that determines the thickness of the phone. The length of the mobile phone lens is difficult to reduce because the larger the aperture, the higher the lens height. Under this physical limitation, how to maintain excellent shooting performance while effectively reducing the height of the lens bulge to achieve a better appearance and feel is a major challenge.

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Chengrui Optical uses the excellent performance of glass and the leading precision manufacturing process to achieve another breakthrough in the miniaturization of the lens. Compared with the plastic lens of the same specification, the 1G6P glass-plastic hybrid lens can reduce the overall lens height by 5-10%.The Xiaomi Civi 2 released this time, under the premise of F1.8 large aperture, the main camera is superimposed by 7 lenses, but the lens height is only6.2mmto help Xiaomi Civi 2 go a step further on the road to slimming.

Stainless steel ultra-thin VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation, the heat dissipation capacity is greatly improved

In addition to the super performance in imaging, in terms of heat dissipation, Xiaomi Civi 2 uses a new customized stainless steel ultra-thin liquid-cooled heat dissipation VC, which greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity, even when playing games for a long time, shooting long videos, etc. The scene can also efficiently dissipate heat.

According to AAC R&D engineers, the VC vapor chamber innovatively uses pure stainless steel. In fact, compared with other materials, the production technology of stainless steel vapor chamber is more difficult, and requires the use of nano-passivation technology and high-precision laser sealing process. This stainless steel ultra-thin VC has the advantages of high structural strength, ultra-thin thickness, high thermal conductivity, and good flatness. The thickness of the device is only 0.33 mm, which is 17% thinner than the same type of products. At the same time, it can transfer heat faster and more evenly, and ensure the lasting and stable output of mobile phone performance.

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