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Superbonus 110 crushed by the Meloni government: this is what changes

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Superbonus 110 crushed by the Meloni government: this is what changes

“Never seen a measure that cost so much for the benefit of so few.” In a few words, the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti crushes the Superbonus 110%, one of the flag measures of the yellow-red government and in particular of the Five Star Movement. A few words, but even before that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, during the press conference that presented the Dl Aid quater, did not mince words, speaking of a measure conceived in a bizarre way. «On the Superbonus – underlined the Prime Minister – I mean that it was deservedly born as a measure to help the economy but the way in which it was created has created many problems. Those who said that you could renovate your condominiums for free remember that it cost the state 60 billion, with a hole of 38, let’s say that the concept of gratuitousness is bizarre “.
Rising prices. Favor the medium-high ranges
According to the government, the 110% Superbonus measure that set the construction market in motion during the post-Covid pandemic has created many distortions. Starting with a specultative bubble linked to the increase in the prices of raw materials. “The Superbonus did not work – the premier stressed again -, the coverage created a lack of responsibility: we did not ask ourselves if the price of the works was congruous and this led to an increase in the prices of raw materials. Furthermore, the benefit was mainly in favor of the middle and upper classes. We have decided to correct some distortions, for this reason the bonus goes to 90% ».
Assignment of credits: it is not a right
The other chapter, not insignificant, is that of the transfer of credits and tax drawers which are now full, which is putting many families and many businesses in great difficulty. Already the previous government, with the introduction of the anti-fraud decree in November 2021 and with the subsequent amendments, had in fact blocked the passage linked to the assignment of credits. And this still applies to those who, for example, have used the discount tool on the invoice. It is no coincidence that it was one of the problems identified and addressed in the new aid dl approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers: «There are companies that are no longer able to sell it, Giorgetti has worked for a solution because it is a deeply felt issue. This issue was necessary to be addressed in the shortest possible time, which is why we put it in the energy decree and not in the budget law, “explained the premier during the press conference. The government’s recipe is to work on a way out, but it won’t be easy. “We will try to intervene because it is a real problem for many companies, compared to the existing stock we will seek and are defining a way out of the current situation” underlines Giorgetti. The minister, however, specified that “the assignment of credit is a possibility, not a right”, and “all those who now want to take advantage of it have the certainty of being able to deduct them from their income but cannot be certain that a bank or institution that accepts credits “.
How the Superbonus changes
And then the measure that has relaunched construction over the last two years will be revised and will change face. How? “By favoring the lowest incomes,” the premier stressed. “There has been a lot of debate on the superbonus. The measure continues for those who cannot afford to support those expenses, it has been targeted for the most needy incomes “underlines the Minister of Economy and thinks of two steps: the need for a first home and for ISEE incomes to be lower to 15 thousand euros.

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