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Superbonus 2024, extension coming soon: discounts and sales

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Superbonus 2024, extension coming soon: discounts and sales

Twenty days more for citizens and businesses who are taking advantage of the construction incentives – from the Superbonus to other concessions for renovating properties in the name of energy efficiency and anti-seismic protection – to send communications relating to the discount on the invoice and to the transfer of credit regarding the costs incurred in 2023. Government’s approval for the postponement, from 16 March to 4 April, of the deadlines for submitting the documentation. An innovation that arrives just as the decree on the Superbonus, with the latest rules, is in the final stages of examination in the Senate to be definitively approved, without modifications, by February 27th.

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For weeks, the accountants had been calling for “an adequate extension” of the deadline for transmitting to the Revenue Agency the data relating to the expenses for interventions to recover the building heritage and energy requalification carried out on the common parts of residential buildings, for the purposes of processing of the pre-compiled declaration, to facilitate an “innumerable” audience made up of colleagues, assisted companies and condominium administrators, also in consideration of the times “with which the software was made available” to carry out the fulfillment. Thanks to the extension, as underlined by the councilor of the board of accountants responsible for taxation, Salvatore Regalbuto, there will be, as mentioned, 20 more days “to be able to try to identify transferees available to purchase the credits at the photo finish”.

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The extension of communications, as mentioned, constitutes the government’s only exception to the building decree which, in fact, prepares the farewell to the Superbonus, scheduled for 2026. Already this year the benefit drops from 110 to 70% and to 65% in 2025. The one on architectural barriers remains in force at 75%, but with a restriction on the type of interventions envisaged until 2025, while the furniture bonus changes with the maximum expenditure ceiling to be deducted at 50% which passes from 8 thousand euros in 2023 to 5 thousand in 2024. The 110% relief remains unaffected even for those who have given a discount on the invoice or the transfer of credit on all certified works by December 2023. The works, on the basis of the progress, are not subject to recovery in the event of failure to complete the intervention itself, even if this circumstance leads to failure to satisfy the requirement of improving two energy classes. To lighten the impact of the crackdown on construction subsidies on the most popular segments, the government has introduced some corrective measures.

Thus for the lowest incomes, with ISEE below 15 thousand euros and who have achieved 60% of the jobs by 31 December this year, the Poverty Fund will compensate the difference between the 70% relief provided for from 1 January and 110%. All this, however, by October 31st of next year. The decree also provides for the stop to the Superbonus for villas from January 1st.

In fact, on 31 December the extension of the relief which was reserved for those who had carried out at least 30% of the overall intervention by 30 September 2022 expired. The 50% deduction for expenses up to 60 thousand euros remains throughout 2024 for the replacement of windows and fixtures, solar shading or biomass boilers. The Ecobonus for condominiums provides for a relief of 70% and concerns a maximum expenditure of 40 thousand euros for the thermal insulation of the opaque common areas with an incidence exceeding 25%. It is scheduled for the whole of 2024 if the building permit has been presented by 16 February 2023.

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