Home Business Superbonus, Brancaccio (Ance): “Thousands of construction companies at risk of bankruptcy”

Superbonus, Brancaccio (Ance): “Thousands of construction companies at risk of bankruptcy”

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Superbonus, Brancaccio (Ance): “Thousands of construction companies at risk of bankruptcy”

“The weekend was dramatic: the letters sent by the banks to the companies in these hours confirm that, despite the aid decree seemed to have found a solution, the blocking of the purchase of credits continues”. The new president of Ance, Federica Brancaccio, says this in the Sole 24 Ore on newsstands. «On our internal chat – she says – an avalanche of messages from desperate companies arrives: I hope it is clear that we are risking tens of thousands of bankruptcies. And since Ance is a serious and responsible organization, I say to the government: summon us to a table where we develop an exit strategy from this situation that changes rules every week and puts businesses with their backs to the wall ».

An exit strategy, he continues, “which has within itself a sustainable remodeling of bonuses and the confirmation of the qualification obligation for those who do these jobs, but also a medium and long-term industrial policy for the construction sector – he explains – with a strong strategy for energy saving on real estate assets in line with EU recommendations, immediately the law on urban regeneration that exceeds the standards of 1968 and allows individuals to intervene in cities, a simplified legislation on environmental and cultural constraints that makes it possible to intervene on renewables in a very short time », says Brancaccio.

From the block on the assignment of credits, “I also see dramatic consequences for workers. The »construction« sector, which has made another + 10% of hours worked, is also in danger of losing the jobs created with this recovery. But it will not be just a social earthquake: without a well-defined and immediate exit strategy, the whole country will pay a serious price ”, continues Federica Brancaccio. «We must remember – she adds – she that much of the growth of 2021, and also of 2022, was made by construction. We understand the public finance problems, which are worsening, but stopping the country cannot be the solution. Not to mention the implementation of the NRP: if we do not monetize the bonuses that companies have in their stomachs, we will arrive at the implementation of the Superbonus with the sector decimated ”, underlines the new president of Ance.

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