Home Business Superbonus, investments doubled to over 60 billion in six months. Boom of the villas (before closing)

Superbonus, investments doubled to over 60 billion in six months. Boom of the villas (before closing)

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Superbonus, investments doubled to over 60 billion in six months.  Boom of the villas (before closing)

Super bonus always growing. After the boom recorded in September, also due to the need to speed up work in the houses in order to have the 110% deduction until the end of the year, from monthly data of Enea there is an increase of another four billion in the amount of investments admitted to the subsidy. A result that brings the amount of deductions envisaged at the end of the works to over 60 billion. More than twice as much as six months ago.

October confirms the trend

Compared to September at the end of last month total investments exceeded 55 billion euros, with an increase that involved both single-family buildings and condominiums. In condominiums in particular in the last few weeks theaverage investment, given that it has gone from an average of 585,000 euros in September to 594,000, in the face of declarations already submitted which have gone from 37,800 to 40,500. Growth does not stop also for villas: after the peak recorded in September of 178,000 certifications, in October the figure reached 191,000. On the other hand, the value of the average investment is stable, always around 113,000 euros for villas and single-family buildings, and just under 100,000 in the case of functionally autonomous buildings.

Doubled in six months

However, if we go to make a comparison not only month by month but looking at a few months further back, we see that at the end of October the total of investments admitted as a deduction was equal to more than double that recorded six months ago. At the end of April, in fact, the same figure was just over 27 billion, and still in the period the deductions expected at the end of the works were at 30 billion. In this period of time, the amount of condominium interventions has also increased significantly, which six months ago was at an altitude of 554,000 euros, for a total of sworn certificates submitted of just over 24,000.

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Superbonus, slow recovery and only for credits already requested

by Carlotta Scozzari

Boom for the houses in view of the end of the year

Over the same period, the number of owners who have decided to redevelop their single-family property has more than doubled. In fact, we have gone from a total of 81,000 sworn statements submitted at the end of April, to a record number of over 191,000 at the end of October. In the case of functionally autonomous units, it went from 49,000 to 95,000. Data on which the year-end deadline certainly affected to take advantage of the 110 rate.

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