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“Superbonus, the situation of problem loans is finally unlocked”

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“Superbonus, the situation of problem loans is finally unlocked”

TURIN. Finally, there is a concrete glimmer of opportunity to unlock the credits of the super bonus which have put many Italian families and businesses in great difficulty. The House Finance Committee has in fact approved an amendment so that banks can convert, in whole or in part, problem loans into Treasury bills. The go-ahead is expected in the Chamber tomorrow. «In fact, our proposal made a month ago was implemented – explains the national president of Conflavoro Pmi, Roberto Capobianco – We are very satisfied because the stalemate, if not resolved, would have caused an economic collapse far beyond the construction sector. With the go-ahead for the issue of multi-year Treasury bonds, a proposal curated by our delegate Massimiliano Miletti, we explicitly asked for a measure that would protect both the public accounts and the entrepreneurial fabric». After tomorrow’s passage to the House, the last go-ahead from the Senate will be needed next week, but the armoring of the provision by the majority should guarantee rapid approval without changes. And many families and businesses will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

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