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Surprise in electric cars: This new one from Citroën beats VW

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Surprise in electric cars: This new one from Citroën beats VW

Thierry, CEO of Citroën, in front of the new ë-C3 for under 20,000 euros. picture alliance/dpa/MAXPPP | Thomas Padilla

Citroën plans to bring its all-electric compact model, the ë-C3, onto the market in spring 2024 for under 20,000 euros.

The low price of the ë-C3 is seen as a surprise and an important step for the European car market as affordable electric cars open up new customer groups.

Brands like VW, on the other hand, are only planning to launch an electric car for 20,000 euros “in the second half of the decade”.

According to the coalition agreement, 15 million electric cars will be on German roads by 2030. Experts consider this goal to be illusory. This makes it all the more important that electric vehicles are affordable. Numerous car manufacturers, including VW and Renault, have announced plans to bring affordable models onto the market. Citroën appears to be ahead of them not only in terms of time but also in terms of price. The Citroën ë-C3 is scheduled to come onto the market in spring 2024 for less than 20,000 euros.

Fighting price: the Citroën ë-C3 for 20,000

Volkswagen boss Oliver Blume said at the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” economic summit in mid-November that Volkswagen would offer a car “in the region of 20,000 euros” around “the second half of the decade”. In the meantime, the ID.2 is scheduled to come onto the market in 2026 for 25,000 euros. Renault is announcing its E-Tech Electric for autumn 2024 – it will also cost 25,000 euros. Citroën, on the other hand, is promising its fully electric compact model for spring 2024 – for 23,300 euros. Minus the environmental bonus and the obligatory manufacturer’s contribution, it will be available on the German market for less than 19,000 euros.

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Stefan Bratzel, director of the Center for Automotive Management (CAM) in Bergisch-Gladbach, says “HE DOES“: “This car at such a price is a real surprise.” The car is “an important step for the European car market.” The low price enables new customer groups to buy an electric car. So far, brands such as Tesla, BMW and Mercedes have led the market. There was little choice for less than 40,000 euros. Citroën proves that it is possible to build cost-effective electric cars in Europe too. It is manufactured at the Stellantis factory in Trnava, Slovakia.

There is a similarly inexpensive model from Dacia. The Spring model, made in China, costs from 22,750 euros. However, it only offers a 27.4 kWh battery, which only provides a range of 230 kilometers. For comparison: The ë-C3 has a 44 kWh battery with lithium iron phosphate cells and a range of 320 kilometers. And the car also performs significantly worse than the ë-C3 in most other data.

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