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Surprising Announcement: Intel Confirms Desktop Version of Meteor Lake in 2024

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Surprising Announcement: Intel Confirms Desktop Version of Meteor Lake in 2024

Intel Confirms Release of Meteor Lake Desktop Version in 2024

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Intel’s executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Division, surprised many by confirming that the upcoming Meteor Lake will have a desktop version. This announcement comes just as Intel officially announced the Core Ultra architecture technology, set for release on December 14.

Initially, Intel had planned to replace the new interface LGA1851 with the Meteor Lake generation of products. However, due to the immaturity of the new Intel 4 process and its lack of performance improvement, it will only be used in mainstream and thin and light notebooks. High-end gaming notebooks and desktops will instead be powered by the upgraded version of the 13th and 14th generation Core processors.

Although the Meteor Lake-S desktop version was sampled at one point, it was eventually canceled. The decision to release a desktop version of Meteor Lake in 2024 with the same architecture as the mobile version comes as a surprise to many.

It is important to note that Meteor Lake may not have the sudden high-performance capabilities to match the i9-13900K. As it stands, the first batch of six K/KF models, including the i9-14900K, are set to be released on October 17. The leaked information suggests that there will also be mainstream and low-power versions of the processor.

The rumored Meteor Lake desktop version is likely to resemble the i7-5775C and i5-5675C desktop versions of the fifth-generation Cores. Essentially, it will still be a mobile version but packaged for desktop use. It will most likely utilize the current LGA1700 interface, as opposed to the next-generation LGA1851.

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It is expected that there won’t be many product models for the Meteor Lake desktop version. However, it could cater to the mainstream market’s 65W demand, as 6+8 cores would suffice for the i5 and i3 series.

Overall, the release of a Meteor Lake desktop version in 2024 brings some assurance to desktop users who anticipated the latest advancements from Intel. While it may not offer high-end performance, it could meet the needs of the mainstream market.

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